Stone is the 5th son of one of the poorer prostitutes on the waterfront of Cauldron. He may have more brothers and sisters, but who knows?

Stone never knew his mothers name, nevermind his father. He grew up unwanted, and unloved and his early years were dominnated by fighting for food and survival amoung the other urchins of the city. His greatest success each year was to live to the next.

Stone had some advantages though, his unknown father had blessed him with strength, toughness, and a good intelligence, his mother with cunning and charisma. He used these to find his place in the theives of the city, becomming a low level member of the Last Laugh. He grew up tough, hard willed, and unliked.

Now a young adult Stone wondered if there was more to life than petty theiving. He began to feel a calling to other things, questioning the rootless life as a thief. He has always had a fascination with knowledge, and magic, he saw these as the keys to power, and a way out of his pointless existance. His keen mind sought greater challenges and ideas. These questions became a friction between him and the more seniour members of the Last Laugh, and eventually he broke ranks, and left completely. The Last Laugh is not one to hold onto people who don’t want to stay, corrupt and vicious yes, but outright evil, no. As long as former members make no trouble with the guild they find none.

Stone was quickly able to find a new interesting group in Cauldron, and joined with a handfull of adventurers, exploring the ruins of Jzadirune. In time, Stone might have found fellowship in the honest company of adventurers, offered the chance to find knowledge and success. Fate however decided that Stone would find himself holding a small book, locked tight with secrets.

Initally planning to open the book for his new companions, he found inside wonders he had never imagined, knowledge of magic and arts unheard. Any thought of the party was gone, as he became lost in its promise of power. All sence of time and place was gone as he studdied this wonderous book, only surfacing when starvation finally forced him to look for food of perish. Using the new found abilities given to him from the book, Stone has been able to join a group that would normally be way above his place in life. The Stormblades are noble born adventurers, seeking glory and power, a fine match for Stone.

Stone is a selfish and hard minded individual, burning with a thirst for knowledge and power. He has never known kindness or followship, but as he looks to the future, who knows where his path will take him, into darkness and evil, or into light any glory. Both are possible, but what is clear is he will never return to his pitiful beginings.