Wimrick Nacklewyn, or ‘Wim’ to his friends, is a member of the Nacklewyn clan and the youngest son of Bregael Nacklewyn, a moderately successful gnomish engineer in Cauldron.

Always fascinated with tunnels, sewers, and dungeons, Wim spent much of his childhood and the start of his adult life exploring the various cellars and passageways that dot the underbelly of Cauldron. Because of his small size and nose for all things underground, he found employment cleaning out cellars and dealing with vermin infestations. Many of Cauldron’s citizens, including Borg the butcher and Zacharias’s father, have hired Wim at some point. His father never approved of his activities (he wanted Wim to continue the Nacklewyn tradition of fine gnomish engineering), so he and Wim have hardly spoken in years.

Wim joined the Golden Lanterns soon after the group’s first foray into Jzadirune. He wields the fabled gnome hooked hammer with skill, is knowledgeable about the dangers and denizens of the subterranean world, and is an accomplished scout and trap springer.

A little-known fact about Wim is that he is slightly crazy. Before joining the Lanterns, he had tried (and failed) to start a business called Beren, Nacklewyn, and Associates Expeditionary Company. It failed for two reasons: one, Wim has no head for the practicalities of running a business; and two, his main partner, Fremal Beren, was actually his childhood imaginary friend. Wim no longer speaks to Fremal; they had a falling out over the direction of the expeditionary company and parted ways on bad terms.

Because of his poor relations with his father, and indeed much of the Nacklewyn clan, Wim’s closest friend in the gnomish community is Skie Aldersun, proprietress of Skie’s Treasury. He is also on friendly terms with Bolar Westkey, purveyor of fine maps, and has been recently inquiring about the travels of Javar Westwanderer.

Wim’s Journal

On Dealing with Goblinoids
The Gnome Hooked Hammer
The Gnome Hooked Hammer, Part II
Javar Westwanderer
Lords of the Golden Hills

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