485-1 The Battle of Mearcred Creek

King Uther’s knights were called to war; From Logres, from Powys - from wood and from moor, To Mearcred creek they rode en masse, With stout hearts to ensure the foe did not pass.

On one flank was a band of men freshly knighted- Led by sir Amig who from fray soon alighted, For long saxon spears with fierce points did bristle, Their defence as stout as the fair British thistle.

“I can’t lead these men to their deaths!” Came the man’s cries, “I raised them as boys - I can’t see their demise!” So the charge broke at last moment, unblooded, And sought other foes as ‘gainst ribs their hearts thudded.

Yet while they met other foes on that day, The tide of the battle they failed to sway. Raiders would scour the land as they may- And Caercolun and Kernow weren’t seen at the fray.

-musings of Sir Islywyn of Baverstock on the Battle of Mearcred Creek, 495