485-2 The Western Patrol I

“Servants bring me my butter!”

“Take out your feather pastor, it is time for you to record my heroic deeds”
Such the fair sir knight Owain of Burcombe began to describe his ventures for this year.

He and his fellow knights, Sir Jacob, Sir Ishwyn of Baverstock, Sir Albinus the Mountain that rides and Sir Cadwell ap Maelfin were tasked with an utmost vital task for the security of the realm, patrol duty…

The Peasant Trouble

Such as it were, the young knights were tasked to patrol the western lands, the rumors about the wild Pict raiders did not discourage these noble knight, but what they would face would be so much worse. It was some blasted peasants coming forth about their self inflicted troubles, it was apparent that one of the peasants had been ruffled up. He would reveal that it was his neighbor who had beaten him up, I Sir Owain in my wisdom determined it to surely be his own fault, but alas my fellow knights insisted to investigate this petty matter further. It would then be revealed that I was correct in my wisdom, the peasant had been beaten up rightfully for attempting to steal corn from his neighbor, justice had been served, but alas, my fellow knights found it fitting to be the arbiters of justice. Sir Cadwell wished to have the peasants surely beaten but at last we settled for a fitting punishment, a fine of 1 schilling each for disturbing the peace, Sir Albinus was in his belief that 10 schilling would only be proper, truly a harsh man.

We would ride out but the fair Sir Jacob was the last to ride and he would only catch up to us later. We would find out he had paid each of the peasants half a schilling, thus halving their fines, i pray to our lord that he does not allow anyone to take advantage of his mercifullness.

The Hill of Darkness

Days later we would find ourselves in the land of the foul Marshal Elad With those words, Sir Owain spat upon the floor with such contempt to uttering Marshal Elads name.
“Me lord, has our dear Marshal Elad wronged you?”
“I shall tell you all about it pastor and why he is not to be trusted!”
We arrived during the time for lunch and were invited and I was surely not disappointed, for there was butter! But alas in my glee it would seem my fellow knights wished for me to show some restraint, was it not proper for our host to show us his generosity? I was surely wrong for there I sat with my now empty jar of butter as more butter was brought to the table… to the other side of the table!

Marshal Elad would send us away with provision, I naturally inclined to request for more butter, the butter was foul, for servants which I had caught in the act of gossiping about my majestic figure had surely spat in it! Ohh and to the important bit, Marshal Elad informed us to not venture to the nearby hill where there have been rumors about pagan rituals. Us being Knights after all found it an ample cause for adventure!

We would later find ourselves before the hill of darkness. On the top of the hill was a foul stone tower, the evil pagan magic flowing through it! We approached carefully and were before the gates when its foul densities sprang a trap upon us! Through the crevices foul reptilians with limbs assaulted us! They were countless! We stood steadfast and they were more wild and ferocious than the Saxons I myself slew 50 of them in that battle! “Where there actually 50 of them my lord?” The pastor said, with an expression of an old uncle, trying to discern the truth from child tales.

“Well… there were 5 of them as far as I remember” “Did thy slay any of them?” “No I did not, my feet were tired, we had to dismount from our horses to reach the tower. Sir Albinius was blocking the door and managed to slay two of them and take one captive. Sir Cadwell managed to injure himself more than the reptilian men ever did to any of us by falling down the wall” The pastor simply nodded, as he has done many times before

“But make sure to write that one about the 50 ones I slew, add something more, you are good with words after all” “Yes yes my lord”

We would return later in the evening to present our captive Marshal Elad was greatly dismayed of this, not that we had managed to catch this foul creature, but rather that we did not heed his words and had in fact investigated this matter futher. Was he in league with these creatures? Suspicion grew among us, in particular in Sir Cadwell and I. My suspicion only grew further when he would not provide us with logging for the night and instead dismissed us to a neighboring manor where we were to sleep on the floor! Preposterous! “Is that why you hold an ire for Marshal Elad?”
“Yes I do indeed!”
“Do you find that grounded my lord?”
“Yes, how dares he not provide adequate logging for his guests! I am certain he even consorts with these reptilians!”
“That is one audacious claim my lord”
“And I shall prove! If it is true of course”

By our lords will a witch I must put to the pyre

The last noteworthy occurrence on our patrol was a mob of peasants who were inclined to burn a witch. Peasant things, something below our concern, but alas my fellow knights were inclined to investigate as usual. Before us we found the peasants in the procedure of erecting a pyre for the burning. We asked the priest Father Gwegon who seemed to be orchestrating this burnig, by what authority he held this right to burn this woman? “By the authority of Jesus Christ to burn all wickedness from our world! A reasonible cause I would argue, but alas, my fellow knights would not agree, particularly the pagan ones.

With questions about the legal rights of this procedure and minor threats of violence and of legal repercussions my fellow knights managed to free the witch, which would appear to be a pagan magic user of the “benevolent” side named Heled the Wicca stunned by her mediocre beauty and her being an actual woman Sir Albinius attempted to woo her most directly, but she spurred his advances and turned to me, to request she rides with me. Me being a proper Christian man feared her wild pagan nature and that she would stray me from our lord, but alas as a knight I cannot refuse the lamnations of a woman. Thankfully she did not attempt such wile acts and we left her at Stonehenge with her strange druidic folk.

The White Stag

Heading home Sir Ishwyn decided he wished to hunt the White Stag. A White Stag which had eluded a great hunter of the land, who had many manors and only a single daughter, surely the catch of this fine stag would win his daughter? Sir Ishwyn had fortune and managed to track the White Stag, but unknown to him he was being trailed by both Sir Cadwell and Sir Jacob…

How that story unfolded you must wait for now, I did not participate of course, hunting is dangerous after all!