485-3 The White Stag

Our valiant heroes visited one of Sir Hywel’s lesser manors - one with a great wood known for its hunting - and tracked the White Stag rumoured to be eluding capture in his lands. In a stroke of luck they came across it before any of the other knights in the area to hunt it and slew the great prize, taking it to deliver to Sir Hywel.

Before they were able to hand it over, they were accosted by Sir Tanicus who offered them a great sum of coins if Cadwal would agree to give over the trophy so that Tanicus could impress his liege.

Naturally the proud sir Cadwal refused, and after a short flurry of blows sent the knave tumbling to the forest floor. The party returning to Sir Hywel’s hunting camp, presented him with the trophy, and feasted into the night.