486-1 Sword Lake and repelling the raid

Royal Court at Windsor

Sir Bleddig (Valor 14, Play lute 18)

He outplayed Sir Albinus with the lute. Sir Cadwal sought conflict with him and eventually challenged him to a duell. Sir Bleddig insisted on rebated weapons and wearing full armor. After several bouts, no clear winner was emerging and the crowd was booing. Cadwal called for his own sword while Bleddig protested. When Cadwal attacked with a real weapon, Bleddig fled, struck by cowardice and fearful of Cadwal. Fear (Cadwal): 8 passion acquired

The crowd was divided on what to think. One half welcomed the refreshing turn of events while others thought Cadwel to be dishonorable for violating the terms of the duell. Cadwal held an impromptu speech spinning the tale in his favor and thus narrowly avoided a loss of honor.

Patrolling eastwards

Three Eyed Giant knocked out

Merlin revealed himself

The pond of the sword

Sea Monster slain

Merlin recovered a magnificent sword

Saxon Raid at Buckholt

a peasant called the knights to the aid of the manor of Buckholt. 8 Saxon raiders had entered the town but the local lord was confident he could repell them all by himself. The Knights rushed to his aid.

Cadwal was mortally wounded by their leader, Bassa, and Islwyn struck down the saxon. Cadwal almost passed over to the other side, but Lady Glesni’s care saved him.

Sir Aliduke the proud (Ordinary knight, pride 16, valor 19) , Lady Glesni (btb Lady)

Bessa (R.I.P.) the warrior thegn, 4 prisoners sold into serfdom