488-1 Against the Water Leapers of Bath and Sir Blaine

Attached to King Uther’s train of followers as he took the army west to Bath to treat with some of his many vassals, the fellowship of knights were told of strange monsters terrorising the local fishermen and went to investigate.

As it transpired, the fishermen were being preyed upon by monstrous, wide-eyed, froglike beings who lurked in the waterways. With only one of their party knowing how to keep a boat steady on the water and one boat not being nearly enough for all of them, the group “Encouraged” a local fisherman to take the helm of a second vessel.

Although at great risk of being knocked overboard to drown, the knights defeated the so called water-leapers, striking them down as they emerged at lightning-speed to attack the brave men and send their boats pitching wildly.

Once the diplomatic mission was concluded and the acoompanying knights went home, our intrepid heroes asked for an additional duty from their lord, assigned to patrol to the east of Salisbury where they discovered a dishonourable attack on Salisbury peasants by Silchester knights led by the perfidious Sir Blaine!

After a long melee they drove off the villains, taking a hostage to be ransomed later.