489-1 Prelude to Battle

Anticipating a fresh battle with the Saxon invaders and painfully aware that Cornwall’s absence might spell doom for his men, King Uther marched his army west to the land of Kernow to win the aid of Duke Gorlois - or, as it seemed to many - to engage the cornish in battle, put them firmly under Uther’s thumb, and force them to be a part of his army.

As Uther’s men neared the land of Kernow, it seemed that Duke Cornwall had heard of their coming. His own troops had been mustered, and they seemed better prepared. Well rested, well armoured - and after a long march, the men of Logres suspected that he might have more troops fighting his corner than the Pendragon had in his.

But before battle was joined the men came to treat with one another, and parlay: which was when King Uther revealed the mighty Sword of Victory, Excalibur, its glory swaying Gorlois to Uther’s side for the battles to come.

The armies decamped and left to repel raiders from the continent - a band of Franks displeased that their coasts had been raided on behalf of the former Roman ruler of the area, a man so deep in despair and so pickled in alcohol that he had to be ejected from the manor of a grieving widow lest he cause her unbearable distress.