492-1 The Treason Trial

After a number of tense weeks in the garrison of Terrabil, the summon to trial finally came for Islwyn, Wade, Jacob and Arpad. With a great deal of trepidation the four knights headed to Tingtagel. Upon arrival into the city the four companions were locked into a secure room in the castle and left to wait. They discussed their options, and decided it would be beneficial if word could be gotten to Earl Roderick. Sir Wade tried to bribe one of the servants bringing them food to take a message to him but couldn’t convince him, leaving the knights out of options other than sitting and waiting.

After waiting for a number of days in the room they were visited by a priest who offered to bless them for the upcoming trial, they all agreed except Islwyn, a staunch pagan. Shortly after that visit they were brought to the main hall and the trial began. Uther presided and listened to the first testimony, that of Sir Brastius, who claimed that the four knights had attacked him and stopped him reaching Merlin who is accused of having stole the king’s child. This deeply angered Sir Wade, who had sided with Sir Brastius in the fighting but who was now being grouped with the others.

Each of the four companions spoke in their defence to no real effect, and Islwyn prepared himself for trial by combat. In the end Uther spoke, saying the knights could not be blamed for their actions as they had been enchanted by Merlin and could not have resisted him. He did however command Sir Arpad to pay the family of the knight he had slain to avoid a feud. The companions, much relieved from their ordeal, then left Tingtagel and returned to Salisbury, their garrison duty over. Before leaving, Sir Wade left a message for Brastius, telling him he wouldn’t get away with his lies, and promised himself he would get his revenge on the man he saw as a traitor.