492-1 Treachery

It was a quiet day in the garrison of Terrabil for the four knights, Wade, Islwyn, Jacob and Arpad, they were now into their second year of garrison duty and it had been too long since a good fight had happened. So it was quite a surprise one dawn when Merlin himself showed up demanding without any explanation that the four companions get ready to ride immediately and follow him. Merlin was a well known servant of the king and thought of to be a good man so the knights mounted up and followed him out the gates without any hesitation. A reaction they would remember bitterly later.

Merlin led the knights into a small wood across from the moors of Terrabil and there he stopped and commanded the knights to wait for his return, before any questions could be asked he bustled off into the woods. The four companions were curious about their orders but saw nothing wrong with them so sat patiently in their saddles eating some dried meat. They didn’t have to wait long however before they began to hear shouting off in the woods, not knowing what to expect they prepared themselves for battle just in time for Merlin to burst back into the clearing, rushing passed the knights with a hurried “delay them!” before moving off into the trees out of sight. He was moving very fast but Arpad managed to notice Merlin was holding what looked like a baby in his arms.

Before they could decide what to do, a whole part of armoured knights came out of the forest ahead of them led by Sir Brastius, the kings bodyguard. “Where is Merlin!? Surrender and get out of my way or we will cut you down!” He demanded of them. Islwyn, believing this must all be part of Merlin’s plan and deciding to trust the old wizard refused to stand aside and set himself against Sir Brastius and charged him and his knights along with Arpad. Sir Jacob decided he did not want to fight knights of the king and so threw down his weapons. Sir Wade, exceedingly loyal to the Pendragons instead drew his bow and prepared to shoot at Islwyn if he did not surrender.

Arpad fought bravely against his opponent, perhaps too bravely, for he not only held his own but slew the knight he was facing and was not subdued until Brastius’s men dealt him grievous blows. Islwyn fought against Sir Brastius and 2 other of him knights and was clearly outmatched, not helped by Sir Wade shooting at him, hitting his shield and then wounding him. Islwyn eventually was overcome and lay down his weapons, at which point Sir brastius and his men, not wasting any time left him and Arpad and took off through the trees, leaving Jacob to heal the wounded. Wade went with Sir Brastius’s party, not wanting to stay behind with the three companions he had just tried to kill.

While the three companions headed back to Terrabil dejected Wade rode with Sir Brastius’s party, encountering other knights left by Merlin to slow them down. Eventually they gave up and rode back to Tingtagel. Brastius told Wade to go back to Terrabil, clearly still seeing him as a traitor, which disappointed Wade.

Wade joined the other in Terrabil where they reported to the commander and were told to remain there until they were summoned. And there the four of them waited for the call to the trial for their treason in Tingtagel…