493-2 Cornering the Unicorn

After deciding to hunt the unicorn, Jacob, Wade and Arpad tried to enlist the aid of a nun to use as bait while Islwyn waited at his manor. (Wanting to avoid anything to do with Christianity). The bishop denied them on the grounds Islwyn hadn’t attended religious purification after the treason trial two years ago.

The party went to plan B and met up with Islwyn at his manor where they ordered a peasant family to give them their daughter to use as bait for the unicorn. So prepared they set off off to the southern woods with the girl and set about the task of hunting a unicorn. They started out by putting the peasant girl in a clearing and having her sing while they hid nearby. This however bore no fruit as they were too close to the girl, after a few hours of failure they instead went hunting for food, with Islwyn and Arpad bringing down a deer, and Wade and Jacob taking a boar. They spent the evening cooking and eating the food in preparation for trying again tomorrow.

The next day brought similar results from the peasant girl singing so the four knights instead sent her back to camp and attempted to hunt the pagan beast by more traditional means. It was on this hunt that Islwyn and Arpad came across hoof prints. After following them for some time they came into a clearing and saw the vile beast taking it’s ease. Islwyn rapidly engaged the creature while Arpad blew his hunting horn to summon Wade and Jacob, who were hunting in other parts of the forest.

Islwyn charged the unicorn with his great spear and with his first strike inflicted deep wounds on the creature. The unicorn attempted to fight back but it was weakened and surprised and could harm the heavily armoured Islwyn. Arpad stayed back from the fight not wanting to get in the way and steal his friend’s thunder. Which proved to be a good decision as with his next strike Islwyn expertly finished the beast with another well placed thrust of his spear.

The two knights then waited by the body for Jacob and Wade to arrive, the four of them then slung the body over one of their horses and made their way back to camp, where they had their squires under the direction of Wade build a sled to haul the unicorn’s body home with. The knights first travelled to Salisbury to show off their great deed to applause and cheer of the court.After many congratulations they returned to Islwyn’s estate where he gave the horn of the unicorn to a witch he was on friendly terms with and prepared the body to be stuffed. The peasant girl was returned to her family and Sir Wade gave her a whole Libra, much to the incredulity of the other knights. The four knights then settled down for the winter.