496-1 King Cerdic invades

There came word into Salisbury that the county of Hampshire had been attacked and invaded by saxons, and refugees were streaming into Salisbury to seek aid. Alarmed by this the marshal organized a party of knights to go investigate these claims. Patrick led a small group consisting of Bain, Ector, Jacob and Doeneld with the Marshals men. They met some peasants on the road and Patrick quickly convinced them to come fight with them to take back their homes, to the amusement of the other knights.

It wasn’t long before they encountered a group of saxons riding out to meet them peacefully. Under a flag of truce the two parties met and spoke, the saxons claiming that they controlled hampshire for king Cerdic, who had returned to claim his father’s lands. The knights from Salisbury decided they wouldn’t attack, much to the disgust of Patrick and Ector, while Sir Bain was hugely in favour of peaceful talks earning scorn from the others. In the end Jacob and Bain agreed to go meet with Cerdic and discuss the situation between the two counties while the rest of the knights from Salisbury returned home.

Ector however, deserted the army and led a solo raid on the saxons, attempting to burn their boats, the raid resulted in his quick capture.