498-1 The Battle of Wilne

Once the battle had been joined, with Jacob leading the main body of the army, and being the overall commander, it became apparant his strength wasn’t in large scale battle strategies. The enemy commander adeptly outmanoeuvred him resulting in a disadvantage for the Salisbury men. The rearguard led by Sir Bain, accompanied by Sir Iowarth fought successfully against the Clarance footmet, cutting through the lightly armored “warriors” with ease. Similarly the vanguard under the command of Sir Patrick, accompanied by Sir Ryce also fought such lightly armored peasant footmen, and cut them down with just as much vigor.

The main body of the army under Jacob however was fighting real knighs and they fared far worse, struggling to hold against the tough opponents.

About midway through the battle, Patrick secured a position where he could lead his men to take the fight to the count of Clarance directly, with a small group of knights he and Ryce slammed into the counts bodyguard, cutting through them in an effort to reach the count. The bodyguards were elite knight and didn’t go down easy, but Patrick shouted to Ryce to fight not only his oppoent but Patrick’s too, giving him a chance to take the fight to the count.

The first round of Patrick fighting the count was fairly indecisive, but the second round Patrick mustered his strength and dealt the count a colossal blow. The count was sent sprawling from his horse with a huge wound, but Patrick was so enraged by battle he jumped off ina fury and attempted to fully behead the unconcious count. Ryce, having finished with his own fights, attempted to stop him but Patrick proved too strong, and cut the head off the count before holding it aloft like some grizzly trophy. This effectively ended the battle as the rest of Clarence’s army were too disheartened to continue fighting. Ryce was understandably enraged about the loss of money from killing the count and attempted a berserk attack against Patrick.

Patrick however seeing a saxon furiously preparing to cut him down acted instinctively, harnessing his hatred of all things saxon and using the time while Ryce was preparing to attack to deal a huge slash that cut right through Ryce’s armour and nearly disembowelling him. The battle rage finally drained from Patrick after this but it was too late for Ryce, who lay bleeding on the floor, even first aid from sir Jacob, rushing over after the rest of the battle had been won wasn’t enough to save him. Patrick was put under guard and called a murderer by many of the knights and saxon mercenaries fighting for Salisbury.