498-1 The departure of Merlin

The departure of Merlin: While Patrick was waiting for the delegation from Clarance to come and sentence him (see next entry). The rest of the party, with Gareth Bryne the saxon mercenary filling in for Patrick, decided to help Merlin, who wanted an escort to the port where he could depart Britain for the continent. Merlin swept into Salisbury and asked for volunteers, finding them in Sir Jacob, Sir Gerin, Gareth Bryne and Sir Bain.

The journey started out fairly normal util the party saw a group of around 2 bandits waiting down the kings road, after discussing a course of action they eventually decided to send Gareth to talk to and distract them whereupon they would all charge in to aid him. Gareth went and spoke to them and tried to find out a bit about what they wanted and who they worked for but to no avail as they were obviously hostile. Luckily before Gareth could be completely surrounded the other knights charged in lances at the ready.

However 4 to 1 odds aren’t very good and in the ensuing fight both Jacob and Bryne were knocked unconscious, even Merlin took some wounds from fighting so many at once. However the bandits were eventually driven off and everybodies wounds patched up enough that they could continue. They had also managed to take two prisoners from the bandits. the rest of the journey went uneventfully and when there they handed the prisoners over to one of the knights serving the Castellan.

It was here Merlin gave the party a choice, if they so desired they could come with him to the continent and see great things, however they would be leaving Salisbury for many years. Only Sir Bain agreed and the two departed on the boat while the rest of the party returned uneventfully to Salisbury.