498-2- The trial of Patrick

After brutally beheading the count of Clarance on the battlefield and then murdering his brother knight Ryce, Patrick was brought to Salisbury in disgrace, and confined there while waiting for a delegation from Clarance, to talk about the situation.

The knights discussed what was to be done with Patrick, hisbrother and liege lord Wade suggesting he be either executed for his crimes or turned over to the new count of Clarance. When the delegation arrived they demanded Patrick be surrendered unto them, the knights were all ready to agree this was the best solution when Patrick suddenly drew out a glass vial with some kind of powder in it and claimed that if they would spare him he would reveal the poison that his brother had used to kill Sir Brastius. However as Wade had already been declared innocent under the eyes of God his word wasn’t taken seriously. As he saw this he instead quickly tipped the vial into his own mouth before drawing his sword and rushing the Clarance delegation leader.

The Clarance knight motioned his other knights back and the two fought, with Patrick being mortally wounded on the first blow, from not wearing armor. The Salisbury healers were brought in to try and save him so he could be punished but it was declared the poison had no cure and he would only live a number of hours before dying. The Clarance knights accepted this and returned home with his body stating they would not seek further vengeance against Salisbury.