498-3 The disastrous raiding party and the casting down of Sir Wade

In the late summer of 498 it was decided to launch a raiding party against the lands of the three brothers to the north, the raiding party consisted of 30 footmen, Saxon mercenaries hired by Jacob (Including Gareth Bryne, their commander), Sir Jacob himself, Ser Gerin, and a 5 vassal knights sent by Castellan Wade. After an initially successful raid, the raiding party was undone when they decided to stay to do even more looting, by the arrival of a full 60 elite armoured knights. Although they fought bravely the odds were incredibly one sided and the resulting battle ended with the death or capture of most footmen and mercenaries, the capture of Sir Jacob and Gareth Bryne, the death of one of Sir Wade’s vassals and the capture of another. Sir Gerin managed to escape and bring word of this back to Salisbury with the one prisoner they had captured.

After waiting a while and receiving no ransom offers Ellen decided a party must to be sent to try and get the captured knights back, Sir Wade led the party accompanied by Sir Gerin, Sir Oleveius, Sir Iowerth and Jacob’s brother Sir Tergum. In Rydychan one of the brothers themselves rode out to meet them, but instead of asking a fair price, he demanded 3× the usual ransom for the prisoners, and also declared he had executed all the footmen and saxons (Except Bryne). After much discussion They agreed to pay the ransoms for their people and to exchange their own prisoner for a sum of 2× the usual ransom. It was found Sir Ector was also a prisoner of the brothers and his release was negotiated and paid for by Wade. After a few months back in Salisbury all the prisoners made it home safely, Sir Jacob then knighted Gareth Bryne and granted him a manor in Malboro, making him only the second saxon landholder in Salisbury.

During the Winter, Wade was staying at Jacob’s manor to discuss and arrange the betrothal of Wade’s eldest son to Jacob’s daughter. Wade had overhead during winter court that there was a faction of knights in Salisbury planning to strike at him in the winter, angered by his peasant background and seemingly undeserved wealth. So it came as little surprise to Wade (but much surpise to Jacob) when a party of armed knights knights burst into Jacob’s manor and demanded Wade give up and go with them. Jacob was quite rightly outraged but after a stand off everyone agreed that Wade and Jacob would go with the knights so Wade could be brought before Ellen.

Once before Ellen the knights, primarily led by Sir Alan and Sir Iowarth demanded Wade’s lands and titles be stripped from him and that he be exiled. No crimes other than vague accusations of corruption were brought forward however and Ellen pondered what to do. Sir Wade offered to appease the knights by giving up his titles and agreeing not to rule his manors but instead let his lands go to his son Sean (9 years old at the time) under the stewardship of the honorable Sir Jacob. The knights and Ellen agreed, except for Iowarth and one other, who were so angry and the seeming lack of punishment they renounced their oaths of fealty and left Salisbury to seek a new master. Sir Ector also left with his brother, without formally renouncing his oath to Wade. Wade then returned to his manor where he will no doubt continue to influence his sons upbringing… (dum dum duuum)