500-1 King Madog of Sauvage

Journeying once again to Sauvage forest, Jacob,Olennius, Matthew and Ithell travelled west through London and up to Lincolnshire on the kings road. Ithell generously paid the toll on the road north of London. They they went through Lincoln and back into sauvage forest without nay major incidents. As they went through the forest following the map they had drawn on their previous trip they skilfully avoided the hag and made it to the castle.

Once in the castle they reunited with Gareth who had remained there after his injuries last year, they found time had moved slower in the forest than elsewhere. Once again the companions took the trials, four of them failed but then Mathew surprised everyone by skillfully passing all the trials. King Madog then emerged and agreed to speak to Mathew, congratulating him on his feet. From th king Mathew learned Islwyn was indeed here in castle Sauvage and that he was gravely injured in a magical tower that slowed time to a halt. He also was given back Patrick’s harp and a golden Armband to give to Sean.

Mathew and Ithell rushed to check on Islwyn in the tower, braving the time magic they entered and quickly gave Islwyn a magical healing poiton, and Mathew performed first aid, as his wounds were the same as when he went missing from the battle of St Albans.

This alone was not enough to heal him so they waited till Sunday and then removed him from the tower where Mathew performed Chiurgery on him, allowing him to heal enough that he was no longer in danger of death. The king of Sauvage also told then Doeneld was held at a magical fountain in the woods, but the party knew they had to get Islwyn back to Salisbury without risk, so they immediately had Sir Moon show them out of the woods. On the way however the hag found them. Luckily Gareth and Ithell charged her and Gareth scored a colossal hit on her, felling her in one blow.

Gareth then tried to eat her heart to gain its power but was reprimanded by Jacob and told to only eat non humanoid hearts from now on. The party then continued on their way home.