500-2 The Road to Salisbury

As the part left the forest Sauvage, Islwyn regained consciousness, while Jacob and Tewdric left on their own errands. Islwyn decided before going back to Salisbury they would head first to Lindsay and then Clarence to gain support. The support was needed because they learned in the town on the edge of the forest that Caercolen had been overrun by Saxon invaders, and Islwyn was keen to try and liberate them. Olennius was way too much of a pussy to go to Clarence so he decently fucked right back off to Salisbury.

Islwyn and Gareth travelled onto Lindsay, the duke of Lindsay informed them that he could nothing while he was at war with his north western neighbours, who wanted to take over Manchester even though in was Lindsay’s lands and had always been Lindsay’s lands. Islwyn and Gareth agreed to talk to the neighbours and arrange peace. The duke there told them that he would accept the proposal of making a marriage contract with Lindsay if Islwyn and Gareth agreed to take care of a giant rampaging through his lands, and so with the help of a local poacher the two knights tracked down the giant. The fight was short bur brutal, leaving Gareth close to unconsciousness and the poacher dead, but the giant was felled and his head brought back to the duke. The marriage contract was sealed and the duke of Lindsay looked more favourably on Salisbury, even if he wouldn’t commit troops to Caercolen.

The two knight then went south towards Clarence and were met at the border by Clarence knights, after a bit of a heated discussion they agreed to take the two to the new count of Clarence. The count was fairly neutral towards them, his admiration for a well executed spot of courtesy warring with his hatred for Salisbury knights, who were responsible for his brothers death. After some talking it was clear nothing would be decided or gained by the meeting though Islwyn and Gareth were led safely out of Clarence south towards Salisbury. Islwyn was keen on returning home to find out just what had been going on with his lands, and with a firm plan of uprooting Ellen as regent for her arbitrary actions, and because she was a filthy woman. After a short stop to pick up his vassals he headed back to Sarum. (Gareth having rode ahead to warn Jacob of his coming and his intentions.)

Jacob gathered Tewdric and Olennius and rode with Gareth to meet Islwyn on the road. Islwyn informed Jacob of his plans and they decided the best thing to do was go confront Ellen. With that decided they rode back into Sarum and straight up to the castle to finally put an end to this matter…