500-3 The one year Regency and the Battle of Devises

Olennius, Islwyn, Jacob, Gareth and Tewdric entered Sarum and headed straight to the court to find Ellen, who was waiting for them there. Islwyn immediately accused Ellen of the wrongdoing he perceived her as doing, namely stealing his wifes lands and making her an heiress. Ellen said she had always intended to give Islwyn his lands back if he reappeared which Islwyn gurdgingly accepted. But he went on to say Ellen was unfit to rule because she was a woman. Ellen in her true arbitrary fashion said sure yolo, you can be the regent for a year if you think you can do a better job. Islwyn accepted this and took her place as the new power in Salisbury.

Shortly after this (a few weeks) There came word that a Vassal of Uther and the count of Clarance had amassed an army and siege engines on the northern border of Salisbury. Islwyn quickly gathered the knights of salisbury and some footmen and took off to meet the enemy.

Jacob was leading the Vanguard, Islwyn the centre and Alan the rearguard. Before a battle broke out Islwyn met with Uther’s vassal and the Count of Clarance. There was a huge thunderstorm raging and no one knows what was said between them but Islwyn came back furious and the battle began. It was hard fighting in such weather and everyone skills were worsened because of it. This did not favour Salisbury as in the very first charge, Olennius was fatally wounded, this would be his last battle. (stuck up prick)

However after this loss the rest of the battle progressed much more smoothly, Islwyn even got to fight against the count of Clarance, although didn’t manage to wound or capture him. The battle was a huge victory for Salisbury and the opposing army was driven off, their siege equipment captured and taken to the nearby castle.