501-2 Another foray into Sauvage

After much debate, the brave knights once agin decide to head into Sauvage forest, this time to finally save Doeneld from the fate of being trapped at another magical fountain. Mathew, Jacob, Ithell and Guy. There first stop was to be Castle Sauvage, so that Matthew could talk to the king and make sure Doeneld was still at the fountain.

As usual they encountered Black Annis on the way. As usual they murdered Black Annis on the way.

After getting to Sauvage castle without any major problems, Matthew gained an audience with the king who told them Doeneld was still trapped in the magic of the fountain. Matthew asked sir moon to show them the way and to come with them, and he agreed after Matthew gave his word to deliver a letter to Wade’s oldest daughter. And so they went to the well, where straight away they noticed they were in a clearing with many exits. Approaching the well they noticed a magpie sitting on the edge. “don’t drink” it cried. Matthew- being a magic loving moron- downed at least 2 cup fulls, and began to hear magpies in his head like a crazy person. As soon as he drank a lady appeared, and with her, Doeneld! The lady said now MAtthew had drunken from the well he could go wherever he wanted by following one of the paths, though Doeneld cautioned them that the paths are all traps and lead only back to the clearing. After much Discussion they chose a path and found themselves in a different part of the forest. Sir Moo informed them that they were now in the county of tribuit. Both Matthew and ithell knew very well that this was a terrible turn of events as Tribuit was basically a community of bandits. Indeed they soon came upon a party of Tribuit knights who surrounded them. The knights offered them hospitality (rather forcefully) and took them back to the castle. However after passing through the gates the knights attacked them. Infuriated Ithel, Doeneld and Matthew fought back, however Jacob became maddened and Guy became melancholic. Though they killed many footmen and knights eventually they were all taken prisoner.

They were all ransomed sucessfully, though they learned a valuable lesson: Fuck Trbiuit, Fuck fairies, Fuck the forest and fuck everything else too.