Character Quality Glory Grants/Gifts Son NumberHate Famous Trait Home Year Born
Sir GerrartNotable,Vassal3’0001/1116 (Saxons)VengefulWinterbourne Stoke, Salisbury468
Sir BledriOrdinary,Vassal1’8001/0115 (Saxons)IndulgentUnknown, Salisbury473


Character Quality Glory Grants/Gifts Appearance Stewardship Famous Trait Year Born Liege
EnfysMiW1840/01410Generous494Sir Gerrart
AderynLiW12590/11813Worldly493Earl Robert
LleueuMiW1501/0143Honest500Earl Robert

LiW Lady-in-Waiting: previously married (liege control)

MiW Maid-in-Waiting: bachelorette (liege control), 16 years old when generated, 8 Stewardship max

TW Twice Widowed: free to choose her husband

Liege: Earl Robert is always the liege of any heiresses, the Father is the liege of any other Lady

Religion: Knights and Ladies are generally British Christian

ExampleOrdinary,Household1’8000/01d615 (Saxons)IndulgentSalisbury468
ExampleMiW6d6+1000/03d6+5StewardTrait494Earl Robert
ExampleLiW6d6+2000/03d6+6Steward+2Trait489Earl Robert
ExampleTW6d6+5000/03d6+4Steward+52 Trait489+Earl Robert