499 Fridrika is born to Asgairn a famous saxon beserker who sought to resolve a feud against Oslaf a danish warlord and raider of saxony. Asgairn won a duel but didnt take Oslafs life, instead he took his newest wife, Bethilda. He then retreated with great speed to Saxony, where Fridrika was born in the hall of his thegn. Oslaf decided to denounce Bethilda as a poor bride to save face, and claimed she ran away. Oslaf was henceforth bullied by his older brothers from being illegitemate and tried all his life to prove that he was worthy of respect and love, due to that trauma. 501 Asgairn had a year of many troubles as he got into a quarrel with the thegns eldest son over several sows and a barrel of good mead. As the quarreling escalated the thegns son sought to kidnap Bethilda, who promtly backhanded the drunkard with a ladle. He took a severe blow to the head and never fully recovered from the incident. Egwild the halfbrain is still a rambling beserker seeking to slay Asgairn, but lacks the wits to actually defeat him. Bethilda and Asgairn, and the two year old girl, when on Asgairns longboat to live as raiders, but was soon hired by a frisian warlord seeking revenge against his usurper brother. Asgairn lured the brother and his strongest warriors into a trap, and trampled them to death with the use of a herd of spooked bulls. The old frisian declared himself King of Frisia, and Asgairn his heir to the throne. Asgairn then spend the next three years putting down revolts against the not-quite benevolent rule of the old frisian. 504 Asgairn had build up a sizeable force of frisians and controlled the traderoute running by with cleverness and magniamosity. The frisians grew wealthier and he was elected co-ruler by an assembly of warriors. Six year old Fridrika turned out to be a charming child with a good mind for intrigue, spending much time at court listening to politics and dreaming of becoming a famous shieldmaiden. 506 Frankish raiders dealt a severe blow to the frisian settlements by the aid of an unknown traitor, who took them through the wetlands and managed to sneak in their forces before the defenders could muster. The Kings seat of power was burned down in a single night and Bethilda fled with her daughter onto a small island. A new frankish supporter thegn rose, but was promtly slain by Asgairn and his battlehardened raiders who launched a nightattack on the new thegns hall. This didnt end the feuding or skirmishes tho. New thegns rose up all about frisia, and Asgairn decided to lend out his forces as mercenaries instead of dissolving them or losing them in prolonged battles against endless foes. In a small assembly he named Fridrika his heir, and baptised her in the blood of a freshly slain ox hanging from a tree of Wotan. Here Fridrika started her martial training, in spite of her mothers protests. To keep some influence in Frisia, Asgairn bethrowed Fridrika to a young son of a thegn, and the two warlords made themselves co-rulers. One to be king of the sea and one king of the land. Asgairn then joined raids all along the whale road, seeking fame and plunder to increase his ranks and become strong enough to conquer Frisia fully and drive out the Frankish influence here. The other warlord, Wiesebearn, took to promising peace and trade to lull their commen foes into complacency. 515 Fridrika and Wieseberns son, Beohart, are joined in marriage. Their happiness is shortlived as Beoharts brothers slay both Wiesebearn and Beohart within the weeklong feasting. They blame Frankish raiders, but failed to slay Fridrika, who witnessed then opening the doors to the hall and letting in hired franks to the slaughter. Fridrika, pregnant from her short joining with the thegns son, and her mother go back to the small island and hide there with a few trustworthy warriors as they seek to get in touch with Asgairn. Asgairn was rumoured to have been slain in battle, but it turned out to be a rouse to trick a gathering of Wendish warriors to attack their camp, in the hopes the troops would be demoralized and flee into their ships. Hence the Frisian kinslayers attacked as their ally seemed lost and they might aswel join the Franks to gain as much as possible. Asgairn left the Wendish coast with good loot and several prisoners, but now went to Thule to join an invasion of northern Logres, in the support of two Kingly brothers. 516 Fridrika gives birth to a babygirl, given the petname Ugg. She then hears of her fathers exploits and mustering of troops in FarThule and the planned invasion. Travelling in disguise through Frisia she managed to get enough men to fill three longboats, and then reveals to them who they are fighting for. The men are inticed to be fighting for a great hero and named seaking and promises to join her in her search for him and glory. Meanwhile her mother still hides with the baby on their small island, but they recieve all the loot of a fat frankish merchantship taking by Fridrika before Fridrika leaves of Logres. Still the journey is cursed, as if Loki is testing them and Ran the god-thief wants them to join the ranks of the dead-at-sea. They are blown northeast to the lands of Jutland, amongst the Danes. Here Fridrika is told of her mothers seeming betrayal and that she has an older brother, thought lost in souther Britannica. She makes a wow to rejunite with him, or pay her respect to his corpse and punish his killers. This gesture wins the promises of aid from several danes, who hate the southern saxons of Sussex and Kent. But all refuse to join the conquest of northern Logres, in fear that it might strengthen the saxons there furthere. Fridrika sets sail and makes it to the shores of Logres, but her fathers seeming allies betray her and attacks her at she. But they are surprised by her fury and swordskill, she turns the decks red with blood and gore, and is ready to sink with her longboat as it flounders crewless at sea, with her as the last survivor. There she is rescued by fishermen seeking easy loot, and they bring her and the story of a woman brandishing a bloodred sword dressed in a nightgown and a polarbear furcape. On a deck streaming with corpses and blood. So the local nobleman hurries the strange young lady to Arthurs court, here the bloodsoaked Fridrika is lend a gown of the queen, and cleaned up to be presentable, and a stunning redhaired athletic beauty is revealed before the court, still wearing a whitefurcoat over the dress. Before the court she proposes an alliance between Frisia and Logres, to be set against the traitorous saxons who has betrayed her and her fathers trust, as they sought to slay her. Clearly her father is either ignorant of their nature or a prisoner held there against his will, so his troops might follow saxon orders. Fridrika promises her own hand in marriage to Arthur, to be his concubine, to seal the alliance. But Arthur refuse as his christian nobles might object to him keeping a concubine, and his wife still being fertile. Fridrika then takes a wow to marry the most excellent knight or nobleman Arthur can present, and promise to seek to elevate that warrior to be co-ruler alongside her father. She will marry that person to formalize her pledges and wishes for a strong alliance, but will not sleep with the man until her father may approve of him. Arthur decides not to pick a candidate, but to let knights settle amongst themselves who might agree to those terms. Fridrika then leaves the court as Oslaf is present missing him there, as she goes to seek the council of the tribesmen whom by blood are related to the people of Frisia, and to get word of her father. She turns up after the battle where Arthur is ambushed and witnesses Cador of Cornwall succeed in his ambush. Finally she hears of Oslafs death and laments, covering herself in blood and runicmarkings she swears a cruel death to all saxons involved. Then with the aid of the queens handmaidens she presents a courtcase so she might inheirit Oslafs lands and thereby more easily attract a suitable suitor. Continued: 7/2 events. The inheritance proved easier than she thought. Oslafs will stated that his next of kin would inherit, and her oath and earlier inquiries at court proved enough to establish her identity. Eight suitors soon presented themselves. That is eight suitors so smitten with her beauty that they agree to her terms. As she had been sworn to Wotan she would continue her life as a fledgling shieldmaiden - but she promised to fullfill a full warriors training according to cymric tradition before leading men into battle. Its seemed female leaders was an issue in Logres, and with barely two years of serious training altogether she agreed to that term. Her daugther would not be acknowledged as heiress to any lands held by her suitor. She thought that foolish, as the great blood of two kings flowed through that childs veins, but agreed. Another term she had to oblige too was the strange divorce laws. The estates would not be split evenly, and her lands would be confiscated should their parting be of any other reason than that of death. Still she knew her father couldnt care less about 10 hydes of land in a cursed forest, with the peasantry devoted to the hypocrisy of worshipping both a single and many gods all at once. They had a strange cult of both the dead son of a god, his mother, the invisible unnameable god and the ghost of this god. A cult of an afterlife, a celebration of death as liberation. And at the same time festive vigorous rituals of fertility and life. She herself thought it a misguided representation of her own faith that included both sides, in a single image. And so she accepted this term alongside the others. But insisted that she wouldnt be forced into this hypocricy. She accepted a strange ritual involving a feigned drowning, and that her children would receive this supposed blessing. She had already faced death from drowning during from grimawrestling, and passed out underwater no less than four times. It build character, strength, and tought you the nature of death, so in comparison this ritual failed to impress her. Her daughter would be able to choose a husband of her own. Her mothers choice of a third husband would also belong to herself, as pr Briton and Saxon customs it seemed. Briton tradition would grant her a widowsgift, whatever that would be. She choose the youth the ladies at Arthurs court indicated was the most smitten with her, and made him wow to her that he would either become worthy of the title of king or die trying. She wowed to be worthy of the title of queen or die in this attempt, in return. His family seemed displeased with these wows, but the young man Gruddyeu was elated to do what he called “chivalrous deeds worthy of her great beauty”. Not the best of sings when a pup starts boasting poetically. Hopefully he wouldnt shame his ancestors or hers by running away scared in his first battle. With the possiblities of a maritial and martial alliance secured to some hopefully brave cymric youth, she turned to moving the court of Arthur. She sought the funds, though gifts from the nobles to her and indirectly Arthur their liege, to raise a commen army of knights to deal with the sourge of saxons first in Logres and then in Frisia. Her father would surely change sides once he knew of the betrayal of his allies, and recognize the need for an alliance with a powerful family of nobles from amongst the enemies of his currently concealed enemy and supposed friends. She failed. As she sought to raise a force against the Saxons in support of Arthurs army, she got word of her father camping at a river outlet near Eburacum. In a mad craze she rushed to save him from engaging with Arthurs forces, but spies in the camp noticed her and slew her father as they spoke, and then blamed his death on her - as a supposed traitor of Frisia and kinslayer. She sought to save her father from an ignoble death, but could not get to him in time and only managed to flee by cutting through a tent and stealing a pony. Darkness assisted her escape, but she was bewildered for days as she mourned her father and lord. Eventually she recovered with the thoughts of her daughter on her mind. So she crossed the canal before the winterstorms to collect her mother and daugther, and wept bitter tears leaving her homeland behind. With her father gone there would be very little chance of reclaiming her family standing. Her choice of husband wasnt a poor one, but he is yet to prove himself a hero, or to have the making of a leader and king. So amidst the dark crossing of the channel, her thoughts turned to revenge, revenge and justice for Britons, Frisians, her family, her slain cynn (larger family - by marriage), for those that would die alongside the traitors and for herself.