Only important ones that the player knights have actually interacted with are present here.

Bishop of Salisbury.

Sir Amig
The Castellan of Tilshead. He taught the player knights most of what they know. He fought with them at Mearcred Creek

Wife: dead; Children (in order of age) married daughter, married daughter, dead unmarried son, unmarried son (pushing 30), unmarried son

Marshal Elad
The Marshal of Salisbury and Castellan of Vagon. As such, he is responsible for the safety of the Counts household.

Knight, Glory: 6k+

Children: 2 sons, the older unmarried and the younger married respectively

Heled the Wicca
Originally from Carcolun to the east, she fled the destruction of her withes’ coven by the Saxons. Currently at Stonehenge.

Wicca = (british) pagan magic-user, APP = 14, unmarried

Father Gwegon
The very devout and zealous priest in charge of Tytherington.

A Banneret (6 vassals) and vassal of Earl Roderick. He only has one 11-year old daughter named Ffraid (as of 487) and refuses to re-marry after his wife died.

Sir Alan
A Banneret (3 vassals) and castellan of Vagon.

Sir Alan’s son. Banneret with 4 Vassals (Notable)

Valor 17, Glory 4500

Wife: alive; 3 Children (in order of age) daughter (14) unmarried, Son (5), daughter (4)

Notable Knight, App = 5, he recieved a grievous wound from Sir Cadwal after he challenged him for the carcass of the white stag. Hate (Sir Cadwel) is great

Wife: alive; 5 Children, (in order of age) daughter (12), Son (11), Daughter (8), Daughter (5), Son (2)

A knight from northern Logres. After a duell against Sir Cadwal at the royal court got more serious than he liked, he became fearful of Sir Cadwal (= 8)


A Thane’s daughter from the Cherusci tribe, located in Surrey. She tried to take care of the injured Sir Gerard, but made everything worse.

A veteran warrior of the cherusci tribe.

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