The Guardian Ghosts of Grantham

Patrick and Ithel, supported by all 5 of Sir Wade’s Vassal knights (himself not present), went to the Forest Sauvage.

Vassals: Sir Driant (roman christian), Sir Porfon (pagan), Sir David, Sir Judas, Sir Thomas (all british christian)

Heledd, the Witch was also there

Black spectral dogs were seen, but they didn’t attack

A guardian ghost was cut down in a single stroke by Patrick

In Grantham, the defenseless people were overjoyed by a large group of knights showing up. They begged them to protect them from the “Evil” that lurked their town at night.

the Knights separated, coralling the peasants into the church

The fight was brutal and desperate. the Ghosts were able to fight two knights at the same time and they focused on Patrick and Ithel!

Only the Timely arrival of Sir Driant and Sir Porfon prevented the worst.

But Patrick had gone insane and lost heart, he ran away into the night and was found later, exhausted. the poor knight had tried to run south in full armor.