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Neutrals acknowledge the Pantokrator, who rules all, as the supreme god and nothing more. His Disciples compete with eachother as part of the Cycle.

The Pantokrator was powerful entity that ascended to divinity by unknown means after he conquered the world an eternity ago. His disciples were with him every step of the way acting as his generals. He had vanquished the Previous Pantokrator and took his place. In recent times it has become very difficult to reach the Pantokrator directly which is why most people defer to his disciples nowadays.

The Cycle

every alignment is ‘allied’ to its two neighbours and ‘opposite’ to whomever it is not adjacent. opposition does not neccessarily mean open hostility just as an alliance does not neccessarily imply unconditional support. Allies have similar ideas about how things should be but with different interpretations and the same enemies, nothing more.

Alignment Disciple Favor Wrath Weather
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Life: The last of the Jötun Giants Freya Frigida Fulminapreservation, healing, harvest frost, wolves sunshine
Nature: Supreme Arch Druid Cenarius Ascendedforage, reincarnation, directions lightning & storms, vines mist
Chaos: The White Dragon of Albion Victoriousfortune, advancement, luck wildfire, earthquakes wind and gales
Death: Ruler of the Dead, Hades-Thanatos Subsutorundeath, new beginnings, strength plague, drain starry night
Order: The Heavenly Eye and Ultimate Judge Mitraprosperity, stability, decisiveness stasis, ostracism calm
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Any and all cults and entities that do not fall into the above categories (any alignment or neutral) are considered Heretical. The five churches will pause their hostilities to root them out should they become a threat, but opposite alignments will under no circumstances fight side by side. They will instead wait for their enemies to tire themselves out before they make a move.

Heretics differ wildly in their beliefs and are usually on their own with no opposites and allies.

Heretics are different from Neutrals in that they do not acknowledge the supremacy of the Pantokrator. Examples include: