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Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player
Drelon1’4380Orc F12’000s-Arm broken (->S39)Jaime
Gileon53’31614’578Hu F664’000-Xiufysom “Schufi”
Sugha13’5744243Orc F416’000-Orhan
Emilie16’8931170Hu Ass316’000-Lutguy
Xander20930Dw F12000as EmilieLutguy
Milo8680Hu Sp11’000as EmilieLutguy
Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player

Dw=dwarf Hu=Human Ass=Assassin F=fighter Sp=specialist MU=MagicUser P-Or=Paladin(Order) CL=Cleric

Other NPCs and Followers

[Retainer] none

[Hired] Upper City Base: 1) Cook/Janitor (hob, “Slicer”, describes himself as a “Quartermustard”), 2) Slave (elf, “Sylvie”), 3) Doorman (goblin, “Son of Lionel”, faked being a Hob and hired the ‘muscle’ to get rid of the squatters), 4) 5× Hobgoblin guards (“Eyegouge”, “Lanius”, “Pullo”, “Gnarly”, “Grouch”)

possible Hirelings, Upper City (% of treasure share) (previous experience with the party)

Hirelings accompany you on your adventures to fulfil specialist roles. They expect to be protected and will generally not fight or block/protect unless specified. Hirelings in the Lower City have been moved to their own page.

Ebonroc, the Dragonborn (Full share) ( );found: marketplace; can use fire breath, but will not make himself a target; tastes magic with his tongue, but will not lick any old disgusting thing; Demands the respect one of his race is due; will not enter the lower city or known dwarven areas; will not carry your stuff for you; collects rare coins and will exchange them for more recent coins, effectively increases cash found by 20% (exchange happens at the upper city); appraises gems, every fourth will be one value category higher than normal; can use Wands/scrolls as a Magic-User can

Sweeper, the Goblin (5%) ( ); found: dirtfarms; sees in the dark, adept at hiding; animal empathy 4/6, but ONLY with giant/monstrous things

Swinewrangler the Orcish animal trainer (15%) ( ); found: pigsty; trains and sells “war-pigs”, 500sp each (3+1HD, AC6, 1d8, MV15), these animals are quite headstrong and surprisingly intelligent. Without Swinewrangler they have a 50% chance to act opportunistic (i.e. do the safest thing possible).

Murderstroke the Hobgoblin instructor (400/session per person); found: training grounds; sees in the dark; does NOT adventure with you; only required to offer basic training (no bonus) for free to recruits; After one grueling day of training under him, your combat capabilities are enhanced. Your to-hit and damage rolls with ALL one-handed weapons recieve a bonus of +1 for the next 3 combats (in which you actually fight)

Pebblecrusher, the Ogre Bodybuilder (15%, 100 up-front ( ));found: beta-2; IMMENSE strength, if he can’t lift/bend/wrestle it, no one can!; will NOT fight to the death (i.e. against monsters) or alone; The 100 up-front get you a ‘fitness club membership card’ (to be renewed weekly)


(please save us!)

Targor8’4820Orc F316’000went missing in Nefarious’ dungeon(s15) forced to fight in Nefarious’ arena(s18)Jaime
Prince Anseis674944Hu F28000taken hostage by Nefarious (s15)Jaime
Adelheid48250Liz Sh12’000now Nefarious’ pet (s15)Orhan
Galinor1000Elf BM14’000captured by unknown forces on Pris-L (s18)Xiufysom
Shirin81000Elf P-Or34000captured by unknown forces on Pris-L (s18)Orhan
Mauadda1000hu MU12000captured by goblins on Nec-L(s18)(bedtime)Caermorn
Grathgor(m)8’0000hu sp516000polymorphed by a goblin shaman on Nec-L(s18)(bedtime)
Zurpigig9’33120Orc F416’000arrested by prison guards (s22)Orhan
Miriam00Hu F12000arrested on the prison level (s23)Orhan
Kathleen00Hu F12000arrested on the prison level (s23)Orhan
Reban10’6502610Hu S516’000taken prisoner on the prison level (s24)Orhan
Sgt. Butterswill23’6662928Hob F532’000lashed 30×, prisoner (s24)Jaime
Surkesh3’5100Liz SHA36’000taken prisoner (s24)Jaime
Fizzclash21’3464678Gnl BM432’000fixation on toes, prisoner (s24)Caermorn


Lono Diamondheart87940Hu MU416000killed by spiders(poison)Lutguy
Gorek Bronnelson204045724Dw F416000missingzombified(s8), destroyed(s16)Jaime
Alyssa5530Dw F12000killed by ghouls Nec-L(s10)Orhan
Sofie024hu F12000had her head chomped off by a posessed burrowing beetle (s11)Orhan
Ardeth9667100Hu MU4 EVO16’000Executed by Nefarious’, risen as a monster(s15)jaime
Angel36101002Dw F24000Fell to a Mummy’s claw, a builder’s no less(s16)Xiufysom
Cordelia5580Elf F12’000ripped apart by a Troll on Buil-L (s18)Jaime
Kacper8’000201Hu? F416’000lost in the dungeon (bedtime), goblin ambush on Necropolis (s18)Moonshanks
Grahak1640Orc CL12’000dead (s20)Jaime
Pak9180Orc F12’000cut down by prison guards(s22)Orhan
Chief Griff8’164200Orc F416’000cut down by prison guards (s22)Moonshanks
Lokwa00Orc? F12000killed by prison guardsOrhan

Lirael, Gorek’s follower (Elf NM), her duties include mostly valet work. Died to a piercer in the tomb of the builders (s2).

Squire (hireling), Louis the man@arms, took a face full of acid from a gelatinous cube. (builders, s?)

Malys, the old crone (hireling) (5%) (+) (level 2 naturalist), knows basic magical spells, died to a ghost (builders s18)

Retired - able to reactivate

Zeddicus23’617168Hu MU532000-Jaime
Lorik13’9005821Dw F416’000-Dempy
Albert8’49710’618Hu F12’000-Caermorn
DumDum (Amnesiac)19430Hu Sp22’000shield arm XCaermorn
Rimon8670Elf BM14’000-Portal
Oscar81000Elf P-Or316’000hidden templeOrhan

Retired → NPC

Emily (formerly, now reactivated): after a brief stay in Nefarious’ dungeon (s15), they escaped and joined the city’s underground(s18)

Brewer, rumored to be involved in underground activities

MaĆ©l18’7843721Dw Sp632’000-Orhan
Tiago9340Dw F12000-Orhan
[[Timothy?]]310Hu CL12’000-Orhan

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