Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player
Emilie16’8931170Hu Ass316’000-Lutguy
Xander20930Dw F12000-Lutguy
Milo8680Hu Sp11’000-Lutguy
Adelheid48250Liz Sh12’000-Orhan
Targor8’4820Orc F316’000-Jaime
Prince Anseis674944Hu F28000-Jaime
Gileon19’12710357Hu F532’000-Xiufysom “Schufi”
Angel36101002Dw F24000-Xiufysom
Albert2013700Hu F12’000-Caermorn
[[Who_Am_I?]]5130Hu Sp11’000-Caermorn
Lorik13’9005821Dw F416’000-Dempy
Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player

Dw=dwarf Hu=Human Ass=Assassin F=fighter Sp=specialist MU=MagicUser

Other NPCs and Followers

Malys, the old crone (level 2)

possible Hirelings (% of treasure share)

Hirelings accompany you on your adventures to fulfil specialist roles. They expect to be protected and will generally not fight or block with you unless specified.

Darwin, the Naturalist (10%) (++), reliably provides information on most animals and monsters, some druid spells, vegetarian

Sanja, the Psychic (15%) (++), reads your palm, sees auras, senses danger, finds secrets, superstitious

Jackson, the Archaeologist (10%) (+), reliably identifies items, speaks and reads many languages, he is looking to visit the lower city

Rion, the Healer (20%), afiliated with the Church of Life see Alignment, aware of his monopoly (AT CAMP)

Desiderius, the Guide (10%), one-armed, but will fight and block for you, reduces the rate of random encounters, afiliated with the Church of Life, see Alignment (AT CAMP)

Louis, the squire (0%), has an axe to grind with ‘Theldren’ on the Arena level

Tavern Patrons

(can be hired, in order of first appearance)

Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player
Rukaye “the Hoarder”8100200Hu F416000--
Muriel1009Hu F12000--
Esma1003Hu F12000--
Dana1004Hu S1100--

Milo Vihaan

Mathilda, Rukaye’s donkey, brave enough to venture into the dungeon. The animal is carrying a lot of stuff

Graveyard / missing

Lono Diamondheart87940Hu MU416000killed by spidersLutguy
Gorek Bronnelson204045724Dw F416000missing (s8)Jaime
Alyssa5530Dw F12000killed by ghouls (s10)Orhan

Lirael, Gorek’s follower (Elf NM), her duties include mostly valet work. Died to a piercer in the tomb of the builders (2).

Squire, Louis the man@arms, took a face full of acid from a gelatinous cube.

Sofie had her head chomped off by a burrowing beetle, the psychic presence was behind it (11)


Ardeth9667100Hu MU4 EVO16’000Tavernkeepjaime
MaĆ©l18’7843721Dw Sp632’000BrewerOrhan
Tiago9340Dw F12000-Orhan
[Timothy]]310Hu CL12’000-Orhan

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