Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player
Emilie69637570Hu Ass14000-Lutguy
Xander7940Dw F12000-Lutguy
Gorek Bronnelson2040411724Dw F416000-Jaime
Maél138865621Dw Sp516000-Orhan
Alyssa860Dw F12000-Orhan
Tiago860Dw F12000-Orhan
Lorik139005821Dw F416000-Dempy
Gileon172799057Hu F416000-Xiufysom “Schufi”
Angel21432002Dw F12000-Xiufysom
Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player

Dw=dwarf Hu=Human Ass=Assassin F=fighter Sp=specialist MU=MagicUser

Other NPCs and Followers

Malys, the old crone

possible Hirelings (% of treasure share)

Darwin, the Naturalist (10%), reliably provides information on most animals and monsters, some druid spells, vegetarian

Sanja, the Psychic (15%), reads your palm, sees auras, senses danger, finds secrets, superstitious

Rion, the Healer (20%), afiliated with the Church of Life, aware of his monopoly

Desiderius, the Guide (10%), one-armed, but will fight for you, afiliated with the Church of Life

Jackson, the Archaeologist (10%), reliably identifies items, speaks and reads many languages, he is looking to visit the lower city

Louis, the squire (0%), has an axe to grind with ‘Theldren’ on the Arena level

Camp occupants (can be hired as mercenaries)

Character XP Money Level XP next Health Player
Rukaye “the Hoarder”8100200Hu F416000--
Muriel1009Hu F12000--
Esma1003Hu F12000--
Dana1004Hu S1100--

Mathilda, Rukaye’s donkey, brave enough to venture into the dungeon. The animal is carrying a lot of stuff


Lono Diamondheart87940Hu MU416000deadLutguy

Lirael, Gorek’s follower (Elf NM), her duties include mostly valet work. Died to a piercer in the tomb of the builders.

Squire, Louis the man@arms, took a face full of acid from a gelatinous cube.

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