Roland’s party

Goal: to fight against Lord Nefarious; Party Alignment: Order

Leader: Roland the fighter, wears magical rings

Robin the fighter, exquisite crossbow

Karl the Magic User

Mary Anne the Evoker (MU), likes to flick Fireballs both big and small

Others: 2 Human men@arms, 1 Gnoll, 1 porter, 1 Bard (Lionell)

Adventurous nobles

Goal: acquire Glory; Party Alignment: Life

Leader: none, democracy

Fahajad an exile from the land of Lanka

Darkness a noble knight and Paladin to Freya, superhumanly strong like the giants she worships

Iris the Magic User, hushedly referred to as ‘her highness’ occasionally, clad in the finest robes

Robert his grandparents were from Albion supposedly

Others: human Man@Arms, Lizardman, elf porter, dwarven Mountaineer

Circle of Magic

They rarely visit the camp so not a lot of information is known

Goal: establish a base in the Dungeon; Party Alignment: Nature

Merlin the druid, has a pet wolf named spike

unknown Magic User

unknown Magic User nickname “Walkingstick”

uknown Magic User

Others: 3 human Men@Arms