Greyfels is a Megadungeon game.

Every Thursday 7pm to 10pm (CET) (10:30pm at the latest) on virtual tabletop (roll 20 .net)

A section for new players is available below.

Quick rundown (human historian or general perspective)

Mt. Greyfels stands in a central wasteland, flanked by two mountain ranges in the north and south. Who first made the mountain their home is unclear, but it is assumed to have been either Vanir (a now extinct type of mythical elf) or Dwarves who built magnificent halls and carved out a city encased in the rock. Historical records are unclear if the mountain has always been a volcano or not.

The creators have long since vanished or degenerated into dark dwarves or maybe the dwarves were the first to wrest the mountain from the Vanir, such detail has been lost to time. Now two cities (the upper and the lower) compete with each other for dominance over the entire mountain and its ressources.

The Upper City is controlled by Lord Nefarious, a powerful dragon-sorceror (some say he is himself a dragon, which is not too far fetched) and his draconic allies. He has attracted many non-humans to serve him.

The Lower City is the home of the “Empire of the Deep” under the rule of Emperor Thuran. Dark Dwarf culture itself is stagnating and the war does not go too well for the emperor. Nonetheless, the unshakeable dwarven warrior ethos and the steady recruitment and advancement of non-dwarves in dwarven society has so far propped up his rule enough that he is hanging on. (Having a vast income from mining the still rich mineral deposits and processing Magma also helps)

New players

This is where you come in. Your character might be

Players are allowed to create a single ‘advanced’ character with 8’000 bonus Experience (putting you at levels 3, 4 or 5 depending on your choice of class) and 200 additional silver pieces [Silver Standard] to start as well as minor magical items (determined by the GM) if desired. If multiple are created and retired and/or un-retired, each player may only control one advanced character at a time

Each player is allowed to control up to two ‘retainers’ who function as back-up characters and earn experience. Potential payment has to come out of the ‘main characters’ share of the treasure. Besides these two no player controls people with levels besides level zero Normal Men, but they can have leveled acquintances they are on friendly terms with and allies.

Treasure is divided on a one share per player basis. Finding treasure earns experience and frivolous spending of treasure earns additional experience. Combat experience is comparatively minor (usually 5% of the total earned XP of any given character).


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