Lower City

Darwin, the Naturalist (10%) (++), reliably provides information on most animals and monsters, some druid spells, vegetarian, animal friend

Sanya, the Psychic (15%) (++, -5), reads your palm, sees auras, senses danger, finds secrets, superstitious

Jackson, the Archaeologist (10%) (+-), reliably identifies items, speaks and reads many languages, he is looking to visit the lower city, he is looking to make contact with the thieves guild he seeks to travel to the underground lake

Rion, the Healer (20%) (+), powerful healing magic, guaranteed to identify undead monsters and how to fight them, afiliated with the Church of Life, aware of his monopoly

Desiderius, the Guide (10%), one-armed, but will fight and block for you, reduces the rate of random encounters and increases exploration speed by 3 MV, afiliated with the Church of Life.

Tavern Patrons (lower city)

(can be hired)

Vihaan dwarven fighter; Leya Human Cleric; Sammy Human fighter