4’000 XP for level 2 ; To-hit: demi ; Armor: Any ; Saves: Fighter

Alignment is mandatory for a Paladin. Should they lose or willingly betray their alignment or ethics, they also lose their Paladin powers until they either atone or regain their alignment in another way.

Evil is always defined by your Alignment, e.g. Order Paladins consider anyone with a Nature or Chaos alignment to be “evil” since those are Order’s opposites. Remember that adjacent alignments in the cycle count as “allied”

Other Faiths not present in the cycle are always “evil”. Examples: Demon worshippers, Idolaters, Titan worshippers, Heretics

Paladins can learn spells just like Magic-Users and Battlemages, but they only recieve SP on the second level. They are restricted to priest spells, but can cast those without armor restrictions.

Paladin Powers (subject to possible loss)

1st level: constant Protection from Evil (personal, as per the spell)

2nd level: 3 Spell points total (1st level priest spells only)

3rd level: constant Protection from Evil 10’ radius (as per the spell)

4th Level: Lay on Hands (LoH) once per day, see below for its effects; 6 SP total (1st-2nd level priest spells only)

5th level: Detect Alignment within 20’ (visually)

6th level: 9 SP total (1st-3rd level priest spells only)

7th level: Lay on Hands (LoH) twice per day

8th level: 12 SP total (1st-4th level priest spells only)

9th level: Name Level (attracts followers as a cleric would)

Choose an Alignment

Each alignment has a code of ethics its Paladin must adhere to.

TitleLoH powerEthics
Undead Hunter (P-UH) (life)Your touch heals 1 HP per paladin level, this touch deals double that in damage to undead (no save)Restoration: life must never be wasted, wounds must be healed and rifts must be mended
Ranger (P-Ra) (nature)You can emulate a single druid spell of your choice as if you were a Magic-User of the same level. Its range becomes “touch” but is otherwise the samePreservation: life finds a way, but must not be disturbed and take its course, usually you are tied to a location such as a forest or swamp and do not adventure
(Chaos) no formal title* (P-Ba)+2 To-Hit, Damage and Saves against evil for 1 turn/levelFreedom: just that, you are free to act as you see fit (usually barbarity)
Death Knight (P-DK) (death)Your touch deals 3 points of damage (no save) and then bestows 6 HP of healing within touch range, you must in fact touch both targets one after the otherSacrifice: the underworld requires a regular influx of souls to remain operational, you must do your part by any means necessary
Justicar (P-Or) (order)You may use either Death’s power against “evil” targets or Life’s Power on “allied” targets, neutrals are not eligible for either LoH-form. You have a +2 to all savesPoverty: to guarantee impartiality, you donate most of your income (see 1e PHB p.24, 1st column, bullet point 2. and 3.), the followers of Order provide your basic needs

-* most prefer “Badass”