The Forces

Overlord Wyrmtongue (unknown numbers)

found: delta-3 (DO NOT DISTURB); personally owns every single slave on the level, but does not really protect them; he is a Dragonkin that incinerates dissenters on a whim. Powerful with little patience for anyone who wastes his time. Direct subordinate to Lord Nefarious himself. Handpicks warriors for his personal guard.

Ryukushi’s Ogres (20 ogres)

found: beta-2; Ryukushi is an Ogre Mage who commands frightening magical powers. His ogres mostly fear him and obey his every whim. Their comparable impotence frustrates them which they take out on the city’s other denizens

Bleeding Hollow Orcs (30 warriors)

found: lower city, gamma-3 Each member cuts out their own eye in exchange for a vision of their future Chief: Shakma, warrior-seer, respects the old ways (orcish gods) sub-chief: none, clerical council -used to pain -terrible ranged accuracy

Black Hand Orcs (40 warriors)

found: lower city, alpha-2 Each warrior amputates a hand and replaces it with a weapon (hook, “slicer”, hatchet) Chief: Rend “Blackhand”, wields an enchanted axe-prosthetic, the Blackhand subchief: Rend’s brother, Slicer, inventor of the “slicer-sword” in place of one’s hand Cleric: a bloodmage, adept at fusing steel to flesh, mostly respects the old ways but puts Ghworg above the others -dangerous in close quarters -one-handed

Grinning Skull Orcs (60 warriors)

They are rumored to take advice from a flaming skull they have somehow captured in a jar. found: lower city, delta-1 Chief: “Halfsnout”, disrespects the old ways, embraced ‘the way’ subchief: vacant

Hobgoblin Legion “Gemini” (hundreds)

Legate: Warriorsoul Centurios (3): Fifth (builders), Gin (upper city), Zuikaku (“upstairs”) “They are proud, fierce, organized, martial, expansionist — always trying to crush their neighbors, their legions propping up this emperor or that god king”