Upper City

The Forces - the powers that be, serving [[Lord_Nefarious?]]

[[The_Way?]] - Nefarious’ teachings, to be followed by obedient subjects, but not forcefully imposed on anyone.


Four Towers, Upper Marketplace, Shanty Town, Dirtfarms, Pigsty, Upper Gate,

Nefarious’ teachings (’the way’)

While Nefarious and his followers are not heretics, they have a peculiar interpretation of Alignment

“There is only the Pantokrator (i.e. Neutrality) and Nefarious acts in his name. The cycle does not matter, as we are already at its center.” they have a church at alpha-3, but entry is strictly only for Dragon Disciples. Church services are held in the Marketplace

Available Hirelings

Ebonroc, the Dragonborn (one share);found: marketplace; can use fire breath, but will not make himself a target; tastes magic with his tongue, but will not lick any old disgusting thing; Demands the respect one of his race is due; will not enter the lower city or known dwarven areas; will not carry your stuff for you; collects rare coins and will exchange them for more recent coins, effectively increases cash found by 20% (exchange happens at the upper city); appraises gems, every fourth will be one value category higher than normal; can use Wands/scrolls as a Magic-User can

Sweeper, the Goblin (5%); found: dirtfarms; sees in the dark, adept at hiding; animal empathy 4/6, but ONLY with giant/monstrous things

Swinewrangler the Orcish animal trainer (15%); found: pigsty; trains and sells “war-pigs”, 500sp each (3+1HD, AC6, 1d8, MV15), these animals are quite headstrong and surprisingly intelligent. Without Swinewrangler they have a 50% chance to act opportunistic (i.e. do the safest thing possible).

Murderstroke the Hobgoblin instructor (500/session per person); found: training grounds; sees in the dark; does NOT adventure with you; only required to offer basic training (no bonus) for free to recruits; After one grueling day of training under him, your combat capabilities are enhanced. Your to-hit and damage rolls with ALL one-handed weapons recieve a bonus of +1 for the next 3 combats (in which you actually fight)

Pebblecrusher, the Ogre Bodybuilder (one share, 100 up-front);found: beta-2; IMMENSE strength, if he can’t lift/bend/wrestle it, no one can!; will NOT fight to the death (i.e. against monsters) or alone; The 100 up-front get you a ‘fitness club membership card’ (to be renewed weekly)

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