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Neutrals aknowledge the Pantokrator, who rules all, as the supreme god and nothing more. His disciple gods compete with eachother as part of the Cycle.

The Cycle

every alignment is ‘allied’ to its two neighbours and ‘opposite’ to whomever it is not adjacent. opposition does not neccessarily mean open hostility just as an alliance not neccessarily implies unconditional support.


Life: The last of the Jötun giants, Freya; harvest, frost, wolves, cycle of life, the seasons

Nature: Centaurian (supreme) Arch druid, Cenarius; forests, wild growth/mutation, lightning, cycle of life

Chaos: The White Dragon of Albion; infinity, darkness, mutation, fire, upheaval, wind and gales

Death: Ruler of the Underworld, Hades; darkness, ash, ghosts, end of the cycle, mourning, continuity

Order: Ultimate Judge, Mitra; stability, stasis,

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