Converting Clerics

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Editing Clerics


(in fact closer to cleric/magic-user multiclasses)

2’000 XP for level 2; To-hit: MU ; Armor: Any, but impedes spellcasting; Saves: MU (death and breath at +1)

Spells: Any, cannot specialize ; Spell Points: As Magic-User

Additonally, Clerics that have an alignment can pray for one hour (uninterrupted) on consecrated ground to learn any Cleric spell (PHB p.40). The normal limits on spells known apply same as for usability (level must be (character level x 2)-1).

Armor use and spellcasting

Leather Armor: normal

Helmet: Power of all spells reduced by 1

Shield: Power of all spells reduced by 1

Metal Armor: only Cleric and Druid spells are usable AND Power of all spells reduced by 1

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