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Chase, camping [[GM_stats?]] Monster Summoning


2d6 in the dungeon

2Caught! The party is cornered and surprised
3Caught! The party is cornered
4Caught! The party is surprised
5,6Caught! it’s a fight
7,8Got Away! choose two from the list
9,10Got Away! choose one from the list
11,12+you made it, no problem


  • separated (groups of 1d4+1)
  • had to drop shields and backpacks (only held and belt-items remain)
  • got lost (no placement on map)
  • you left a clear track to your current location
  • it takes a long time

Chase modifiers

Only check if the party has these

  • +1 pursuers outnumber party
  • +1/-1 there is an elf in a forest on either side
  • -1 party’s slowest member has lower MV than the fastest pursuer
  • -2 as above but MV difference is 2:1
  • +1 low light
  • +2 every party member is invisible
  • -1 pursuers have trained trackers or tracking beasts


1) Campsite; 2) Meals; 3) Watches; 4) Encounters; 5) Recovery 6) Downtime

Step 1: Campsite

What will you sleep on? Are there beds? Bedrolls? the floor?

What is your shelter? Tents? A building? Nothing?

How warm is it? In mountains and caves one blanket per person is required for comfortable sleep. In tropic heat no comfortable sleep is possible (unless you are a native to the climate).

Step 2: Meals

What do you eat? Fresh*Travel*Iron rations? Can you cook (Fresh and Travel rations can be cooked)?

Do you have enough water if you don’t eat? (normally included in rations)

Were you at a banquet/feast?

Step 3: Watches

There are four watch periods à two hours. A character can complete a watch period and still get enough rest to become well rested the next day.

Step 4: Encounters

The time of an encounter is determined randomly (1d4) and occurs during a watch period.

The rate of encounters is: 1d10 at night while stationary and 1d8 during the day when stationary.

Step 5: Recovery

Spell Points (SP) are recovered at 1/level for every rest period.

Hit Points (HP) are recovered at (1+level)/rest. All penalties and bonuses are cumulative.

=HP bonus=HP penalty=SP penalty
+1 cooked food-3 no food-1 too cold
+2 Banquet/feast-2 not enough food*-1 too hot
+1 Booze!a-1 no bedding-3 exposed to bad weather
+2 Dwarven Lager*a-3 exposed to bad weather-2 not enough food
+1 Down matress-1 too hot-1 not enough rest
+2 featherwood bedframe-1 too cold-1 there was an encounter

less than 2’500 Kcalperson

a Hung over (-2 to rolls) the next day until rest if consumed without food.

Step 6: Downtime

Only occurs between sessions. The standard period is 1 week of resting.

SP recovery is thus 7 (14 if level 5 or higher)

HP recovery is thus assumed to be complete (heal to full).

Exceptions to this can be: disease, curse,*face*render*alex*eyes_all_65.png,mouth_all_91.png,chin_woman_21.png,ears_all_21.png_,nose_man_woman_dwarf_elf_19.png_,hair_woman_63.png_

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