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Editing a lot of stuff


48 of the finest carrots

4 Pickaxes

4 Shovels

4 medium axes

4 hammers

2 medium bows with quivers

80 arrows

1 butcher hammer

80 nails

2 drills

4 spears

3 crowbars

1 scythe

2 tents

16 peasent cutlery

4 small knives

2 big deutsche messers

10 shields

4 longswords

8 planks

boundary of 20, you will be slowed down from here on

4 lanterns

16 lbs of lantern oil

24 ready to be used torches

12 Linen beddings

40 m of linen wrappings for bandages

0,20 liters of pure alcohol

2 pair Boots with spikes

10 lbs of biscuits, dried fruits, snacks

Rations for 10 days for 6 people

12 fine dry ox sausages.

1 small table 80x80 cm

8 stools

Ridiculous Weight border, something’s gotta give

Board games - chess - checkers - two decks of cards

2 small drums

1 lut

2 flutes

1 barrel of light bear

12 mugs

2 fine glas cups for listing to doors

4 kits of fine lockpick sets

1 improvised stool for relieving yourself

10 pieces of wrapped fatty meat for distracting monsters

10 small purses of copper pieces for distracting monsters

4 packs of the finest pocket sand

4 bags of partisan nails

4 medium nets

2 large nets

20 pieces of small worthless marbles and jewlery for gifts and shit.

1 portable air filter which require 4 strong men to use to remove gas.

80 Gunpowder and bullets

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