Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications


Character XP Gold Level XP next Player XP Modifer Background Health
Lyra1.395381Elf 14.000Lutguy00%Nurse
Silvan1.536260Dwarf 12.200Lutguy05%Unknown
Alia1.3420Dwarf 12.200Caermorn05%Unknown
Chantel950Mage 12.500Caermorn10%Unknown
Erna2.135171Halfling 24.000Banshi05%Unknown
Iria1191108Dwarf 12.200Banshi10%Unknown
Lucifer1.00015Assassin 11.500Lucifer10%Thinker
Bullit1600Assassin 11.500Flavio5%Unknown


1. A descent into the Oak - 06-05-2021
2. The murder of God´s children - 20-05-2021
3. A side hustle in Duka the wicked´s lair - 27-05-2021
4. We found the tunnel snakes - 17-06-2021
5. Blunderbuss, Fuck Gnomes and RIP Mike - 24-06-2021
6. [[Crusade_against_Gnome?]] - 01-07-2021


Mike990288Fighter 12.000CaermornDeath by Neck Snapping from the fall of a Gian Lobster Spider

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