A Night at the Construction Site

We started organizing a relief action and left as soon as the first pigeon arrived from Deathwatch_Keep. As we arrived, our scout Yifan discovered a camp of orcs. Apparently two tribes of orcs, 120 strong, was besieging our construction site. As it turns out, they also have the help of 9 ogres!

The elf led a distracting action with some mounted archers and lured many of the orcs to the eastern edge of their camp. Anouk then led the charge through the middle of camp. There were 25 orcs remaining near the road and by gaining surprise and keeping the initiative we ran most of them through. The light infantry we had hired and equipped in Greyheim sprayed oil and burning pieces of soaked dwarven tunic as we raced through the camp and as we came near the exit, the aeromancer Rasmus called up a dust storm which set the whole camp on fire and choked a few more orcs, prevent a chase and causing a further distraction. Vangelis fired off an astounding shot from the back of the bucking wagon and hit the Orc chieftain squarely in the chest! Strangely, he turned blue, frothed at the mouth and fell to the ground with his heels drumming, till he gurgled out his last breath

Sascha had prepared two glowing arrows using continual light and during the night, the elf spied an orc commando climbing the rocks to the east, carrying ropes and grappling hooks. He organized a quick defense of the eastern wall without drawing resources away from the rest of the palisade and so there was no problem when Anouk discovered the big cart with firewood the ogres were pushing up the road to the west. Eldakkar summoned an earth elementine – basically a small elemental, about 4ft high – and had it destroy the cart. At the time, Anouk was outside the palisade and as the ogres discovered him, two of them charged, believing him to be the controller of the elemental. The men behind the palisade managed to pull him up using a rope as they didn’t want to open the gates with the ogres close by and they pulled it of even though Anouk was pummeled by the giant club wielding ogres.

A horn was blown on the western side of the wall and the ogres retreated back to the camp. The commandos also turned disappeared back into the darkness below. The light of the glowing arrow will allow us one last parting shot – next session. :)

Body Count: