Aiza’s Ghost Comes Calling

Well, Aurora spent some gold and the bums of Greyheim showed up to grab a free drink. A impoverished grape grower and wine merchant and member of the Halfling Help Harmony showed up, a pyromancer in residence at The Four Cardinal Directions, some mendicant priests of Freya, an escaped halfling slave, a traveling dwarf “from southern lands” and many more besides. Soon we had collected a few adventurous souls and went looking for Brekk, the evil dwarf in Castle Greyheim.

Apparently the lizards around Son of Set have taken control of the boring bettle rooms and are planning to keep some riding raptors. When asked whether they could have any, the lizards asked them to kill the Blood Axe orcs. In return, they’d give them a riding raptor for every character.

Raptor: HD 4 AC 6 1d3/1d3/2d4 F2 MV 18

We went to the southern crossroads and there Theodora had an encounter with Aiza’s ghost. The ghost had bloodthirsty thoughts of revenge against its former friends – mostly Kim and Maxim. For a moment Theodora – a fellow halfling, after all! – lost her wits and punched Kim, but nothing came of it. Later, on the way out, Theodora would drop Simed’s severed leg into Aiza’s pit. But we’ll come to the dwarf’s last leg in a minute.

We turned east and north and discovered stairs down into the Lower Dungeons. We overheard a mixed group of creatures talking: a troll, two humans, two goblins and a halfling were talking about the Blue team. They were about to beat up some members of the Purple team when Pietro, Theodora and Simed approached them. There was some small talk but in the end the troll really wanted to capture them and use them as punching bags in the blue gymnasium. We turned and ran, but Simed was caught at the top of the stairs and lost his last leg, his other leg having been replaced by a wooden one a while ago.

Once we killed the troll, one of his human friends showed up and asked to have the troll remains back. They would regrow, he said. In return, he promised some information about the lower dungeons and 200 gold in blood money. We agreed and so we heard about the various teams (Blue and Green being on the way up, Red, Purple and White being contenders, Brown trying to establish itself), the location of their gymnasiums, the location of the arena, and so on.

Theodora knew that Aiza's ghost would tell her where to find Brekk if she came back and asked...