Beetle Bashers

The core Group of Adventurers, known in whispers out of their earshot as the Bloody Bashers, consists of Vangelis, Eldakkar, Anouk and Yifan, and more recently Sugo the Great and Saray of the Mists, accompanied by various retainers, hirelings and animals.

Deeds, Dark or Daring or Otherwise:

To do list:

  1. Pick up elementalists at the Planarlabe.
  2. Find live Medusa for Agrimach, so he can research [[Stone_to_Flesh?]] for us.
  3. Finish building Deathwatch Keep, including a tow path road from Greyheim.
  4. There used to be a secret passage out from Level 3 via the Cisterns, about half a mile long, but it currently has a Ghoul infestation…
  5. Find out why the Druid Punit in the Elderberry Forest wants all the Bears



Powerful Enemies

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