Beetle Bashers

The core Group of Adventurers, known in whispers out of their earshot as the Bloody Bashers, consists of Vangelis, Eldakkar, Anouk and Yifan, and more recently Sugo the Great and Saray of the Mists, accompanied by various retainers, hirelings and animals.

Responsible for the retirement with extreme prejudice of The Free Roamers, the partial slaughter and exile of The Red Cloaks (earning the enmity of Merron) and the somewhat successful rescue and subsequent absorption of Lightning Mayhem. Brought the Elves of the Ruined Pagoda from Castle Greyheim back into the wild where they belong, earning the name Elf friend. Exterminated the Blood Orcs, Lizardmen, Harpies, Bats, Wereboars, Hobgoblins, Trolls, Bugbears and various other ne’er do wells from the first 5 levels of Castle Greyheim, bringing Set’s wrath down on them. Recruited all able bodied young men from Greyheim itself in pursuit of vainglory; many a mother in Greyheim curses their name. Various complicated and shifting relationships with the denziens of Castle Greyheim, including Dragons, Djinni and Academics. Slaughtered the Cult of the Eye from Stonebrew, and dispatched the Floating Eye itself. Brought the bandits under Esetha to justice (although she is still at large…). Befriended the Orcs of Darkloch. Summoned a Balrog, who was tormenting their companion in Hell, and eviscerated it to allow them to bring their compatriot back.

Starting to think of themselves as kinda badass, so an inevitable fall is due…

The stuff we don’t need but don’t sell we keep in The Vault.

To do list:

  1. Pick up elementalists at the Planarlabe.
  2. Find live Medusa for Agrimach, so he can research [[Stone_to_Flesh?]] for us.
  3. Finish building Deathwatch Keep, including a tow path road from Greyheim.
  4. There used to be a secret passage out from Level 3 via the Cisterns, about half a mile long, but it currently has a Ghoul infestation…
  5. Find out why the Druid Punit in the Elderberry Forest wants all the Bears
  6. Repair and extend the towpath road to Riverbend



Sorcerous sources

The wider world has various (in)famous Spellcasters

Powerful Enemies

Castles & Merchants

Invested in Deathwatch Keep and its Ongoing costs and investments:

Invested in the dam being built between Deathwatch Keep and the Ruined_Pagoda elves:

Paying the Harpy Hunters who live in the Surface Ruins of Castle Greyheim in the old Band of Brother's Hideout, which is now an inn and trading post:

Invested in Belly Acres:

Invested in Bronze Torque Ales and River_Road_Regulatory_Ltd, who import and export goods from the Dwarves of Stonebrew now the road has been completed:

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