Beetle Bashers

The core Group of Adventurers consists of Vangelis, Eldakkar, Anouk, Paola, Yifan, Rasmus, Yusuf and Alfrid accompanied by various retainers, hirelings and animals.

To do list:

  1. Cause trouble in the Arena for Mother of Set so that the Demon “He Who Eats Hearts” will teach Strahl Produce Flame when it turns up in Week 42 and not just, well, eat his heart. Already caused some trouble by decimating the white team whilst disguised as the “Golden Bandits” under the leadership of “Dakkar” (Eldakkar’s brilliant alias) and badly injuring Osric Snorrison, the Viking leader of the White Team (who has a Ring of Invisibility, and possibly a Magic Quarterstaff). The Dwarves told us that the last time someone tried to stir up trouble, all the Teams banded together and swore a blood oath to deal with the Agent provocateurs…
  2. Rescue Sejla, Eldakkar’s Battlemage apprentice taken by Mother of Set and probably given to He Who Eats Hearts
  3. Find the Planarlabe from the magical laboratories under the Deeps (according to Pormoth the Elder) for the heads of the elementalist school
  4. Finish building Deathwatch Keep, including a tow path road from Greyheim and work on the alliance with the Elves under Lady Jelreen Amberdawn and Lord Thuren Greenspark (who may or may not be listening to Aredhel) settling near the ruined pagoda
  5. Kill Lightning Mayhem and help the Lizardmen colonise the rest of the Level. Spirit Tongue and Warm Stone told us that they are expanding into the old Elven area on Level 1, in competetion with the Dwarves under Hilding Ironhelm and Baring Bloodaxe. They want to bring a Green Dragon in as well. They used to have a secret passage out from Level 3 via the Cisterns, about half a mile long, but it currently has a Ghoul infestation…
  6. Deal with the unjust Animal Tax being levied by the Redcloaks in Greyheim
  7. Finish the road to Stonebrew (complete with watch Posts and patrols) and repair and extend the towpath road to Riverbend
  8. Find out why the Druid Punit in the Elderberry Forest wants all the Bears
  9. Retrieve the Mace of Demogorgon and the Gauntlets of Ogre Power from the Nixies in the River by the Ruined Pagoda

Invested in Deathwatch Keep and its Ongoing costs and investments:

Invested in Belly Acres:

Invested in Bronze Torque Ales