Bronze Torque Ales

BTA constantly growing complex on the docks consisting of warehouses, a quai for unloading and loading of ships, a Stone Temple to Marduk built by Strahl, Anouk’s 2 story townhouse, a tasting room, where Dwarven Stonebrew ale from upriver is unloaded and stored prior to sale to Greyheim’s Taverns, Guilds and discerning wealthy individuals (serious customers may be invited for tasting, but there are no direct sales to the general public). Usually busy day and night with stevedores, alemasters, bookeepers, patrons, visiting Dwarves, members of the Regulatory Road Company (who hold their meetings here), worshippers of Marduk, watchmen and Dogs.

Owned by Anouk the Golden Haired from the Bronze Torque clan, who regularly dines with the Harbourmaster.

Invested: 10,000gp