Burning Corridors

We went down into the Castle Greyheim dungeon, using the central tower. Down into the Dungeons. We visited the lizard folk down here and talked to Son of Set who claimed to be their leader. They had captured an orc of the Blood Axe tribe. Son of Set asked the party to bring him some more orcs for questioning!

We also discovered that Set is a seven-headed demon lord, the protector of snake people, lizard folk, assassins, poisoners, patron of revenge and murder. Later that day, Maram decided to swear an oath of allegiance to Set to learn how to make poison from the lizards.

Unfortunately, the lizards could not tell us how to find Brekk, the evil dwarf. We decided to explore east. It didn’t take long and three giant boring beetles caught up with us. Fight! A lot of flaming oil was used but they just kept on coming. One of them got Simed and bite off a leg of him and then they killed Tristan. But eventually we managed to kill all the beasts.

Tristan’s last wish was to be buried together whit his home slippers. We decided to store his body in the main staircase until we leave and explore a little bit further. We didn’t got any treasure so far!

At the end of the corridor, we saw two dead dwarves hanging from the ceiling and six large scorpions in the room. We prepared a trap whit oil and then Kim sent here monkey to grab a necklaces from one of the dwarves—just to make sure we get at least some treasure. And then she ran towards the main staircase. The scorpions followed and so more fighting, more use of flaming oil and more wounded on our side. It was going badly. But we made it!

Just as we had retrieved the remaining gold and jewels the two dwarven bodies had on them, we heard Sascha cry out. A large crocodile had just eaten Tristan in the central stair case and together whit Simed he had barely managed to spike the door. We prepared once more and opened the door. Fight! And the crocodile was killed. Now we had some treasure and decided to leave.

But luck was turning against us. A giant crab spider was waiting for us at the exit. Fight! And then the two harpies showed up and their song charmed nearly all of us. Eldakkar ran but Maram fought on, feeling the strength she gained from Set. She fought hard but the harpies broke the only leg she had left. With a poisonous arrow she killed one harpy and scared away the second one! Dire promises of revenge were heard, but flee it did. And we made it back to Greyheim.