Deathwatch Keep

North West of Greyheim a castle has been constructed between two low hills South of Darkwood (0707). The road from Greyheim does not reach all the way - it’s rough going for the last 15 miles.

It is a small castle with a keep and an outer wall for 75,000 gold. There is a narrow dam to the North East (constructed by Strahl), across which it is possible on foot to reach the impassable magical thicket surrounding the Elven Pagoda…if you are welcome. The locals call this trail the Elf Road the path over the dam they call Hel's Bridge.

At the foot of Deathwatch Keep’s hill, a small logging camp has sprung up here. It is defended by a palisade and wooden spikes. This is the last fortified place before entering the Darkwood.

Yifan can often be found here, planning the Long War, conducting “research” and visiting the thing that howls in the basement. Is it a werewolf? Is it a minotaur? Or both?

Money is due every four weeks, in the same session when we roll for eggs laid in Belly Acres, in other words sessions that have a number that is a multiple of 4 (32, 36, …). Next payment due week 64


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