Down the Slide

We went down and and west, through the magical labyrinth. Soon, we met the elves. Their leaders have silly names like Elvanar Brightblade, Kessel Honorheart or Jelreen Amberdawn. We spoke to Brightblade and he told us that they want 25% of any “material wealth” and first choice of any magic items recovered. That’s worse than the deal the dwarves are prepared to offer! We decided to take the great staircase instead. At least it’s free! Although: the dwarves claimed their passages are “safe” and the great stair is “unsafe”. The elves say their passages are “lucrative”. What the hell does that mean?

We explored the Deep Cellars and found a room with a giant tick where Aiza nearly died. We found a room filled with magical darkness and heard dwarves speak from the bottom of some stairs. This surely connects to the dwarves of the Storage Rooms. We stumbled upon some skeletons and fought them, attracting the boring beetles. Huge monsters, as big as cows! As big as a carriage!

Exploring west from the great staircase, one of us fell into a trap door onto a slide and ended up in a room with five skeletons, down in the Dungeons. We argued amongst ourselves and wondered who would go first, with or without rope, and so it was found that Anaƫlle had already lost his or her swordarm and was unconscious, bleeding to death on the floor when Lisalotte and Devd arrived. Soon the rest arrived and those skeletons were soon dispatched. We found a gem worth 100 gold in one of their skulls.

A bit to the west we met some civilized lizard folk and arranged for a deal: they would help us attack the kobolds on the first level. In return, they would get the gem worth 100 gold now, and half the treasure found, and half the magic items with them, the lizard men starting with the first pick and then alternating picks.

It was agreed to start this assault in two hours, ie. next session.