Born into a significant farming community far from Greyheim, Eldakkar spent most of his childhood on the streets of the “big manure city” as he calls it. There he made friends with other outcasts who were banished from a foreign mages guild in another city. From them he learned two important virtues. Pursuit of knowledge and vigilance. When he had grown to be a man, Eldakkar left the farmers intending not to return to that “stinking place”. While trying to survive from dayjob to dayjob, Eldakkar unearthed a clay tablet, inscripted with a magical spell. It was his first spell “Charm Person”.

In Greyheim he made friends with Sascha and recruited Desi. The former soon overtook him and Eldakkar submitted to his extraordinary leadership since tagging along capable people is a recipe for success. The friendship was cemented when the 3 victoriously emerged from the The Boring Beetle Killing Fields.

He’s good with a knife.

It is I that felled Avenar, the Elf” (unused Mercenary equipments: 24) shield, sword, spear, crossbow+bolts, leather armor, helmet

image/svg+xml Link Name AC XP Level Class Hit-points Property none = 9, leather = 7, chain = 5,plate = 3, shield = -1, minus dex bonus Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma value bonus roll 3d6 for each Abilities, Languages Colors or Portrait Saving Throws Dragon breath, explosions Paralysis, Petrification Death, Poison Rays, Wands Spells AC of opponent: To hit: (+ dexterity bonus) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Damage: (+ strength bonus in melee) Melee Ranged (+ strength bonus) d20 equalor better d20 equal or better Max Fighter & Dwarf: d8Magic User & Thief: d4everybody else: d6+ constitution bonus Eldakkar Magic-User 5 many 5 13 4 -2 13 +1 15 +1 16 +2 13 +1 11 16 (+3) 13 (+3) 13 (+3) 13 (+3) 14 (+3) 17 20 19 16 18 15 17 14 16 13 15 12 14 11 13 10 12 9 11 8 1d6 spellbookbackpackiron rations (1 week)silver daggerropeFlask of Oil (2)Lantern--*Misc stuff*--Book of the Reaperdwarven mail +2white/blue sashBasilisk clawOrc ham (delicious)--*Magic Items*--+3 Ring of Protection -(of the dragon slayer)Girdle of NeverbleedAmulet of Fresh AirDemonbane +1 (+3 against demons)Stave of Nature (9 charges)--Potions--Potion of StrengthPotion of Hill Giant controlPotion of Poison--Animals--Riding HorseWar Dog (16HP)Owl Bear 27HP, 14Thac0,1d6/1d6/1d10, AC6, F6 Paranoid Miner BackgroundLanguages: Hobgoblin, Ignanspell Charm Person (save allowed)spell Sleep (2d8 HD)spell Summon elemental (4HD,AC4, concentration)spell Magic Missile (3x 1d6+1)spell Dispel Magic (20ft cube, 30ft range) value34-56-89-1213-1516-1718 bonus-3-2-1+1+2+3 4 + charisma bonus Retainers 7 + charisma bonus 7 Reactions Loyalty 4 value34-89-1213-1718 bonus-2-1+1+2

Dispel Magic

5% failure chance per level that the target spel is higher than my own level

“All spells cast by any spell casting class are automatically negated if the caster is of an equal or lower level…” (p22)

Explanation of the Miscalaneous Items

white/blue sashes: the identifications of the Arena-fighter teams on level 4

Book of the Reaper: contains the teachings of the Great Reaper

Explanation of the Magic Items

Amulet of Fresh Air: Inlaid with semi translucent Opals, Waterbreathing, not affected by gas, seems to magically provide air directly into the wearers lungs.

Girdle of Neverbleed: formerly an amulet, Deadly wounds close (3 on death and dismemberment), natural healing rate is doubled

Stave of Nature: Gnarled staff with spells stored inside. Spells are