Exterminate the Lizardmen

They had convinced the firestarter to produce two flame traps per day for 7 days, each would deal a little damage. Then they summoned the demon and opened all the trapped paper boxes. The demon doesn’t burn as easily as normal people do, but it is enough. The ground opens up and and as it burns and shrinks and turns into a shapeless worm and swallowed by a dark hell illuminated by the occasional bursts of flame, it points at Strahl and moves its lips but no sound can be heard for a silence has been cast upon the room by Sascha, the ever useful cleric of Freya in town.

Then we went to the dungeon and convinced the current lizardman to challenge Bari Bloodaxe to single combat. We went ahead, met Bari Bloodaxe, and convinced him to accept the challenge. It soon went badly for the lizardman (Seven Heads of Wisdom tagged out to be replaced by Slithering Man) and then everybody joined the fray but the dwarves were better armored and fought with bitter tenacity, waiting for the foolish lizardmen to charge and then they counterattacked with crossbows and axes aimed at the knees of their slithering enemies.

In the end, all that remained was a race to find the lizardmen’s treasure (8,760 GP) and to claim the magic sword +1/+3 vs. mammals named “Milk-Killer”.