Fighting the Minotaur

This time we finally reached the arena on the Lower Dungeons. We joined the Blue team and challenged the Red team to a fight of champions. We were actually counting on the Reds using their last ogre, but apparently the Red boss got a new champion from the lower levels of the dungeon, a minotaur. And so when we finally entered the arena, we were a bit surprised. But then again, we were blessed by Sascha and spellcasting is also not allowed, so it was unfair in equal measures. And we won! And Martouli Mesophage had his moment in the arena. Of the people that came with him, Paola was badly hurt in the ribs, but she survived. Arbogast proved his fighting prowess. Zhaak prevailed even without his cloak. Sascha was disappointed that the big guy wasn’t a human, but even then, the rules didn’t allow for killing (sending them to Sessrumnir, as he calls it) and he was glad to be alive.

The only setback was that when Zhaak tried sneaking around the Red gymnasium and got caught – he lost is elven cloak to the Red boss, sadly.

They say giant bees have been seen around Castle Greyheim.