Hecate Hecate is the goddess of witches, the queen of the night, the keeper of forbidden lore, mollified by pig slaughter on nights of the full moon. Her charms will fend of curses and secure fertility and child health. But be careful around her for she is jealous and quick to anger, vengeful, a bringer of strife.

Hecate rules in Niflheim, the land of mist and cold. In her hall of high walls and huge gates called Éljúðnir she rules over those who die of sickness or old age. This realm of hers is often called Hel. It is a land of pine forests, snow, dire wolves, and many trolls. These are often called Hecate’s children. Any fool knows that trolls like to lair near crossroads and bridges, to trap the unwary and rob the careless.

Witches and warlock, Hecate’s favorites, are true varð-lokkur – callers of spirits. Keep track of the demons devils you summoned. This is your Hecate score.

In times of need, you can call out her name and roll a d100. If you roll your Hecate score or less, you may summon a creature of the night to help you. These look like naked men and women with the head of an ibex, unreadable goat eyes and long horns. They have names such as Hunger, Sickness or Famine, or Darkness and Night. HD 5 AC 7 1d6 MV 15 ML 10 XP 500, flying on brooms, wielding cudgels and whips. These spirits of the dark have no heart and know no mercy, so be careful what you wish for. They cheat and lie with powerful charms, they fly and turn invisible at will, they can conjure illusions and shape change into animals such as ravens and dogs, and they cannot be harmed by mundane weapons—silver and magic, on the other hand, will hurt and harm them.

Paladin of Hecate

Anybody swearing fealty to Hecate can be a paladin of hers.

If you’re a favorite of Hecate, you will make powerful friends!

Score Way of the Slayer
2Speak the language of ravens and dogs.
4You may become a troll-friend and learn the language of giants if you befriend at least one of them and spend two weeks with them.
6You may learn the a secret ritual to summon a devil if you befriend a witch or a warlock who teaches you such dark matters. Anybody can deal with the devil, and so can you.