Hobgoblin and Boring Beetle Killing Fields

Frost is gone and farmers are plowing their fields. We decided to pay another visit to the hobgoblins. We surprised two guards or albino ape handlers and got into a fight. The three apes seemed to have forgotten all the good things we had given to them last time. No more Likes Fruit and more Stupid and Angry Fang. Too bad one of them got away and called the rest. Ten hobgoblin halbardiers, five hobgoblin archers, another handler, two more apes… Oil was tossed and set alight and a choking cloud of dust was used to break up their formation. We retreated with one of the handlers Eldakkar had befriended. And we promptly stumbled into more fights with boring beetles. We must have killed a dozen of them. We were finally forced to retreat. An arm was lost. A leg was broken. It was a world of hurt down in those tunnels.