A megadungeon campaign centered around The Castle of the Mad Archmage. We play every second Wednesday from 19:00 to 22:00 in Zürich Altstetten. We have a mailing list for announcements and reminders. Contact Alex Schröder to get signed up. There’s a page for New Players.

Every session begins in the city of Greyheim. Most of the time, we’ll be going to explore the ruins of Castle Greyheim a few miles to the east of the city. The list of characters can be found on the Status page. Our current goals and open plot lines can found on the Beetle Bashers.

Session Reports

The numbers indicate week number. This is the 7th year of King Theobald’s reign. The notes on the weather inspired by The Medieval Agricultural Year.

  1. The Harpy Song – the month of the Conquering Sun has begun; it is cold but snow free
  2. Meet the Dwarves – the sun is out and the forest floor is muddy but the air is bright
  3. Down the Slide – this week has been rainy and cold; the peasants stay at home and sit around the fire
  4. Friends of the Kobold King – a thick fog is swallowing all the sounds and shadows move beneath the trees
  5. Magical Paintings – the cold winter sun is shining, everything is covered in glittering ice
  6. Subduing the Ratmen – snow below, grey clouds above; peasants are fixing fences and cutting back hedgerows
  7. Burning Corridors – the snow is growing thinner and many a new lamb and calf is born
  8. Dead Hobgoblin King – the snow has cleared and the peasants are pruning vines
  9. Hobgoblin and Boring Beetle Killing Fields – the frost is gone and farmers are plowing their fields
  10. The Boring Beetle Killing Fields – some farmers are planting a spring crop, just in case
  11. Aiza’s Ghost Comes Calling – sunny days and cold nights; peasants are planting hemp
  12. Resettling the Bloody Axe Orcs – piglets are being born and those tiny pigs seem to be everywhere
  13. The End of Brekk – peasants are milking their cows and the local cheese dairy is busy busy busy
  14. Fight Orcs with Fire – bent backs everywhere as peasants are planting crops and sowing seeds
  15. An Eavesdrop Too Far – happy pigs eating acorns in the forest
  16. Smashing the Temple of Demogorgon – peasants are churning milk and making cheese
  17. Looking for the Arena – Spring! Green! Sun! Also, Beltane festival and lots of fertility stuff…
  18. The Treasure of Pi – it’s hot and dry this week; cows are eating grass and the dogs are sleeping
  19. Fighting the Minotaur – summer rain and people are trying to capture swarming bees
  20. Beaten Back by Hobgoblins – peasants are removing moss from thatched roofs and repairing them
  21. The Last Hobgoblin – the bleating of sheep as they are being sheared stays with you until you reach the edge of the forest
  22. Blind Fighting the Basilisk – the buzz of flying insects results in a constant drone
  23. Beetle Bashers meet Lightning Mayhem – summer is coming, deers can be seen in the forest
  24. Jackalweres in Disguise – drizzle rules, many farmers are angry because they had been mowing
  25. Killing a Fusion of Bats – farmers are mowing their fields, leaving the grass out to dry in the summer sun
  26. Nearly Exterminating More Orcs – the pig farmer felt these dungeon delvers did not pursue honest work
  27. Discovering the Elevator Room – the heat above is unbearable, but the dungeon is nice and cool
  28. The Gauntlet RoomBelly Acres is hushed, awaiting news of possible new arrivals….
  29. Meeting the Monks – more mowing and drying of grass, also the beginning of the grain harvest
  30. Burning the Pagoda – the peasants are working day and night, trying to bring in all the grain; they’re afraid of rain
  31. Fear of the Phantom – the rain has come and is turning the fields to mud and everybody hates it except for the pigs
  32. A Night at the Construction Site – peasants are planting turnips, preparing for the coming of winter
  33. Defeating the Orcs – more rain and clouds rolling in from the west day after day
  34. Tensions with the Lizards – the rain won’t let up; the roads have turned to mud and the river is rising
  35. To Rob or To Be Robbed – the ground is wet, the sun is high, and mosquitoes are having a field day
  36. Stealing Glass for Fun and Profit – rain at first, but now the sun is back, but nights are colder now
  37. Meeting Agrimach – fields are being plowed for winter; lonely men behind their horses dot the landscape
  38. The end of Lord Baba – farmers are collecting wax and honey from apiaries; it’s a massacre; the bees hate us
  39. Fighting Harpies – grapes are being harvested in the hills around Greyheim; they say it’s going to be a good year
  40. Robbing Vikings – more grapes, people stomping grapes with their dirty feet; “it’s good for the wine!” they say
  41. Feeding Pinky – farmers are mushroom hunting in the forest; a dry autumn is good for the grapes but bad for the mushrooms
  42. Exterminate the Lizardmen – it’s nice but cold, the sky is blue but frost covers the grass and all the leaves have fallen
  43. Kill the Wereboars, recruit the Ogres – farmers are out sowing winter barley and oats; heavy fog announces the coming of colder months
  44. Releasing a Thousand Bats – the pigs are fat and happy, unaware that within two weeks, many of them will be slaughtered
  45. Fighting Slimes and Finding No Treasure – the pig slaughter has begun, the forest is full of woodcutters
  46. Castle Doctrine – the autumn sun is shining, a cold breeze is blowing and the peasants are wind winnowing
  47. Elven Expulsion – the first snow has fallen, and even if it doesn’t last, people are gathering firewood now
  48. Kidnappers Killed and Bandits Beaten – early morning frost has come and smoke hangs in the air
  49. We want Trade – light snow fall covers everything in white
  50. The Yellow Prison of Madness – winter is here, snow falling, travel, trade and war grinds to a halt
  51. Lair of the Gorillabears – snow falls, trade stops; people live in their houses
  52. Scouring the Deeps once more – everything is cold, nobody leaves the house except fools
  53. The Deeps are Larger – the last week of the year is cold and freezing; father frost rules
  54. Testing Troll Defenses – it has been raining and everything is mud and slush
  55. Orcs vs Everybody Else – cold winds and clear skies; ice covers ponds and lakes
  56. No more Trolls – more snow is falling; we haven’t seen blue skies in days
  57. You shall not pass – farmers are killing moles and sticking them on sticks to scare off the devil
  58. The face of Gekk – a warm spell, farmers are clearing ditches running along hedges
  59. Gekk Who? – Bugbear pelts make a fine gift to keep the cold out
  60. Hell comes to Frog Town – Who were those masked raiders?
  61. Plundering the Chapel of the Great Reaper – deep underground, they didn’t expect the Reaper to come for them
  62. Destroying the Temple of the Green Dragon – an army was assembled and a battle was fought
  63. The Minotaur Labyrinth – heavy fog covers the landscape and nothing but the bleating of some sheep pierces the veil
  64. Tomb Raiders on the Loose – more drizzling rain while the peasants are busy churning butter and singing songs
  65. Meeting Werewolves, Again – the sky is grey and dark, but at least the rain has stopped.
  66. Stopping Forest Terrorism — warmer days are coming
  67. Mapping the Crypts